Charles Dalziel

No PhotoName: Charles Dalziel.
Died: August 31, 2012.
Age at death: 67.
Cause of death: Murder.
Location: Barmera, Australia.
Disability: Used a wheelchair, was “totally reliant on his wife”.

Charles’s wife set fire to his bed, with him in it, and burned him alive.

Perpetrator: Beverley Dalziel (Wife), charged with murder.

Source: Barmera woman Beverley Dalziel ‘burned husband alive then calmly phoned firefighters’, court hears

Howard Spracher

No Photo
Name: Howard E. Spracher.
Died: June 5, 2012.
Age at death: 67.
Cause of death: Fatal abuse.
Location: St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
Disability: Visually impaired, physical/mental ill health.

Howard’s girlfriend locked him into a bare room, starved him, and beat him. He died of his injuries.

Howard worked for sixteen years for the city of Omaha as a public events worker.

Perpetrator: Darlene Coulibaly (Girlfriend/Housemate), pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, domestic assault, and elder abuse; sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Source: Caretaker charged after elderly St. Louis man’s death

Arville Rhodes

No PhotoName: Arville Rhodes.
Died: November 22, 2011.
Age at death: 63.
Cause of death: Neglect.
Location: New Tazewell, Tennessee, USA.
Disability: Mental and physical disabilities “from childhood”.

Arville was beaten and neglected by his nephew and his nephew’s wife. He died of pneumonia, starvation, head injuries, and untreated bedsores.

Perpetrator: Johnny Monday Rhodes (Nephew) and Sharon Marie Smith (Nephew’s wife).

Caretakers for New Tazewell man charged with his murder
Claiborne County couple indicted in death of uncle
Son says his mother is innocent of killing a handicapped man

Cora Sam

No PhotoName: Cora Sam.
Died: October 10, 2011.
Age at death: 60.
Cause of death: Neglect.
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA.
Disability: Cerebral malformation; likely stroke.

Cora’s sister neglected and starved her. She died of malnutrition and blood poisoning from infected bedsores, weighing 66 pounds.

Perpetrator: Amy Sam Ho (Sister), found guilty of second-degree murder and dependent adult abuse resulting in death; sentenced to 15 years.

Woman, 62, Sentenced To 15 Years For Neglect Of Disabled Sister That Ended In Sibling’s Death
Montebello woman sentenced for abuse, murder of disabled sister
Woman Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison For Murdering Sister
Officials identify Montebello woman whose death is under investigation

Barbara Rabins

No Photo
Name: Barbara Rabins.
Died: August 18, 2011.
Age at death: 70.
Cause of death: Neglect.
Location: Ross, Pennsylvania, USA.
Disability: Intellectual disability, stroke.

Barbara’s caregivers neglected her and stole her trust fund money. When she died, she was underweight, dehydrated, and covered in bedsores.

Perpetrator: John Tedesco and Tina Tedesco, friends of the family, charged with third-degree murder; initially pled guilty, but revoked the plea; convicted of third-degree murder, sentenced to 15 1/4 – 30 1/2 years in prison.

Defendants in fatal elder neglect case: ‘We did the best we could’
Ross Twp. couple gets state prison time for fatal neglect
Sleeping juror claim doesn’t save man from prison for neglect death of disabled woman

Richard Oland

Photo of Richard Oland. He is a middle-aged white man wearing a suit and glasses.Name: Richard “Dick” Oland.
Died: July 7, 2011.
Age at death: 69.
Cause of death: Murder (Stabbed, bludgeoned).
Location: Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.
Disability: Asperger syndrome.

Dick was bludgeoned to death by his son.

He was a businessman who studied genealogy as a hobby.

Perpetrator: Dennis Oland (Son), convicted of second-degree murder, sentenced to 10 years to life.

Dennis Oland’s mother, Connie, shares ‘living hell’
Murder of Richard Oland
Dennis Oland gets life in prison for killing father, Richard Oland

Donald Parojinog

Photo of Donald Parojinog, a middle-aged man.Name: Donald Parojinog.
Died: January 18, 2011.
Age at death: 83.
Cause of death: Neglect.
Location: Washington DC, USA.
Disability: Stroke.

Donald’s daughter was supposed to be taking care of him after he suffered three strokes, but instead, she neglected him. He died of starvation and blood poisoning from infected bedsores.

Perpetrator: Donna Parojinog (Daughter), pleaded guilty to manslaughter, sentenced to 12 months in jail.

Source: Woman sentenced in elderly father’s death

Ila Gandhi

No PhotoName: Ila Harjivandas Gandhi.
Died: November 15, 2010.
Age at death: 62.
Cause of death: Murder.
Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
Disability: Schizophrenia.

Ila’s sister-in-law paid their servant to kill Ila and her mother. Her mother survived the attack, but Ila died from stab wounds.

Perpetrator: Ramchandra Ganpat Gomane (Servant) and Rupal Gandhi (Daughter-in-law; caregiver). Acquitted.

Source: Sister-in-law gave supari to murder 62-yr-old in Mumbai
Senior citizen found murdered in Gamdevi

Regina Wynn

No PhotoName: Regina Wynn.
Died: Early September, 2010.
Age at death: 87.
Cause of death: Neglect.
Location: Cappahosic, Gloucester County, Virginia, USA.
Disability: Alzheimer’s disease.

Regina’s niece and her boyfriend neglected Regina, and she died of starvation and untreated bedsores.

Perpetrator: Gigi Garner (Niece) and her boyfriend Erick Wilson; charged with abuse; charges dropped.

Source: Arrest in Gloucester woman’s death mirrors trend of elder neglect