Jori Lirette

Photo of Jori Lirette, a young boy.Name: Jori Lirette .
Died: August 15, 2011.
Age at death: 7.
Cause of death: Murder.
Location: Thibodaux, Louisiana, USA.
Disability: Cerebral palsy.

Jori Lirette was killed and decapitated by his father, who had been talking about killing him to “put him out of his misery” since Jori was born.

Perpetrator: Jeremiah Wright (Father); not guilty by reason of insanity.

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Christina Sneary

Photo portrait of Christina Sneary.Name: Christina Sneary.
Died: August 3, 2011.
Age at death: 14.
Cause of death: Murder.
Location: Ferry Pass, Florida, USA.
Disability: Developmentally disabled.

Christina’s older foster sister shot her.

Perpetrator: Elena Rendell (Foster sister), manslaughter, 1 year in jail.

Source: Former Northview Student Convicted Of Killing Younger Adoptive Sister; Will Serve One Year In Jail

Julie Cirella

Photo of Julie Cirella, a girl wearing pigtails and sitting in a power chair.Name: Julie Cirella .
Died: July 23, 2011.
Age at death: 8.
Cause of death: Murder.
Location: Plainview, Nassau County, New York, USA.
Disability: Cerebral palsy, severe peanut allergy.

Julie was asphyxiated by her mother. Her mother initially said she had given Julie peanuts, to which Julie had a severe allergy; however, though medics found the girl had died of asphyxiation, they found no peanuts in her system–but they also found no Benadryl or epinephrine, both medications which her mother claimed to have administered. How Julie died may never be known, but she was either actively killed by her mother, or else died because her mother refused to use her EpiPen or antihistamines when she had a deadly allergic reaction.

Julie’s mother made a suicide gesture, which she survived; she was found with a ligature around her neck, and a suicide note nearby that read “her daughter should die”.

8-year-old Julie Cirella died on the day she was supposed to be a flower girl in her uncle’s wedding. Her uncle was the one who found her body.

Perpetrator: Veronica Cirella (Mother), pleaded guilty to manslaughter, sentenced to 12 years.

Source: Veronica CIRELLA

Richard Oland

Photo of Richard Oland. He is a middle-aged white man wearing a suit and glasses.Name: Richard “Dick” Oland.
Died: July 7, 2011.
Age at death: 69.
Cause of death: Murder (Stabbed, bludgeoned).
Location: Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.
Disability: Asperger syndrome.

Dick was bludgeoned to death by his son.

He was a businessman who studied genealogy as a hobby.

Perpetrator: Dennis Oland (Son), convicted of second-degree murder, sentenced to 10 years to life.

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Ruth Pyne

Photo of Ruth Pyne, a woman with layered blonde hair. She is smiling.Name: Ruth Pyne.
Died: May 27, 2011.
Age at death: 51.
Cause of death: Murder.
Location: Detroit, Michigan, USA.
Disability: Bipolar disorder.

Ruth’s son bludgeoned her unconscious, then stabbed her to death.

Perpetrator: Jeffrey Pyne (Son), convicted of second-degree murder, sentenced to 20-60 years.

Source: “48 Hours”: Does the way Ruth Pyne was killed prove premeditation?
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Lylah Johnson

No Photo
Name: Lylah Johnson.
Died: March 11, 2011.
Age at death: 8.
Cause of death: Murder.
Location: San Leandro, California, USA.
Disability: Cerebral palsy, scoliosis.

Lylah’s mother poisoned her with car exhaust from the family van.

Perpetrator: Christel Johnson (Mother), convicted of second-degree murder; committed to state psychiatric hospital for 15 years to life.

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Brandy Ardon

No PhotoName: Brandy Ardon.
Died: March 6, 2011.
Age at death: 2 months.
Cause of death: Murder.
Location: Reno, Nevada, USA.
Disability: Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome.

Brandy’s mother drugged her with morphine; then she put the baby in a bag, took her to a field, doused her with gasoline, and burned her. The coroner confirmed that there was smoke in the baby’s lungs; she had been alive when she was set on fire.

Perpetrator: Suceli Ardon (Mother).

Source: Police: Baby burned alive by mother in Nevada

Rene Vera

No PhotoName: Rene Vera.
Died: March 2, 2011.
Age at death: 38.
Cause of death: Murder.
Location: Flushing, New York, USA.
Disability: Cerebral palsy.

Rene was stabbed and smothered by his mother.

Perpetrator: Migdalia Vera (Mother), pleaded guilty to manslaughter, sentenced to 7 years.

Source: Mom allegedly kills wheelchair-bound son; Sentenced to 7 years

Cynara Ali

Photo of Cynara Ali. She is a young woman with brown skin and short dark brown hair, leaning against a blue blanket.Name: Cynara Ali.
Died: February 21, 2011.
Age at death: 16.
Cause of death: Murder.
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Disability: Cerebral palsy.

Cynara’s mother called emergency services, claiming that masked intruders had killed her daughter. In reality, she had smothered Cynara with a pillow and staged the home invasion to cover up the crime. Cynara was rushed to the hospital where she died two days later.

16-year-old Cynara was a recent immigrant from Trinidad to Canada. She had been in Canada only a month before her mother killed her.

Perpetrator: Cindy Ann Sherry Ali (Mother), convicted of first-degree murder, sentenced to 25 years to life.

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