Terrell Stepney

Black and white photo of Terrell Stepney, a young man.Name: Terrell Stepney.
Died: February 27, 2009.
Age at death: 19.
Cause of death: Murder-suicide.
Location: Chesapeake, Virginia, USA.
Disability: Autism.

Terrell’s grandmother poisoned him and herself with an overdose of prescription medication.

Perpetrator: Constance Stepney (Grandmother).

Source: Student killed by grandmother liked gym, field trips

Julian Adams-Lacas

Photo of Julian Adams-Lacas, an infant with a cleft lip.

Name: Julian Adams-Lacas.
Died: February 2, 2009.
Age at death: 6 months.
Cause of death: Fatal abuse.
Location: Denver, Colorado, USA.
Disability: Bilateral cleft lip and palate.

Julian’s father killed him by shaking him or smashing his head against the floor.

Perpetrator: Justin Taylor (Father), child abuse resulting in death, 48 years.

Source: Julian Adams Lacas

Roberta Laws

Photo of Roberta Laws, an adult woman.Name: Roberta Laws.
Died: February 2009.
Age at death: 46.
Cause of death: Murder.
Location: Middleburg, Florida, USA.
Disability: Cerebral palsy.

Roberta’s boyfriend strangled her and buried her body in the backyard.

Perpetrator: Kenneth McBride (Boyfriend), sentenced to life without parole.

Source: Killer of disabled Clay County woman sentenced to life

Alexis Agyepong-Glover

Photo of Alexis Agyepong-Glover, a girl in a bright red shirt, her hair pulled neatly back into a ponytail.Name: Alexis “Lexie” Agyepong-Glover.
Died: January 7, 2009.
Age at death: 13.
Cause of death: Murder; fatal child abuse; neglect.
Location: Woodbridge, Virginia, USA.
Disability: Reactive attachment disorder; mother claimed she had autism and sickle-cell anemia.

Lexie’s adoptive mother abandoned her in a freezing creek, in January. She died of drowning and exposure.

Perpetrator: Alfreedia Gregg-Glover (Adoptive mother), pled guilty to murder, child abuse, and filing a false police report; sentenced to 26 years.

Source: Alexis “Lexie” Agyepong-Glover

Christian Jenkins

Photo of Christian Jenkins, a boy with a thin face and short brown hair.Name: Christian Clay Jenkins.
Died: November 19, 2008.
Age at death: 14.
Cause of death: Murder.
Location: Hilltop, West Virginia, USA.
Disability: Cystic fibrosis.

Christian’s father injected him with an overdose of oxycodone.

Perpetrator: Henry Clay Jenkins (Father), convicted of child neglect and murder, sentenced to 18 years to life.

Source: Father sentenced to life in son’s death

Jocelynn Allison

Photo of Jocelynn Allison, a toddler girl.Name: Jocelynn Allison.
Died: September 24, 2008.
Age at death: 15 months.
Cause of death: Fatal abuse.
Location: Wasilla, Alaska, USA.
Disability: Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, hydrocephalus.

Because Jocelynn didn’t want to eat and threw food, her father slapped her, sending her head backward to collide with her high chair. She died of a head injury and at autopsy had injuries consistent with long-term abuse and shaken baby syndrome.

Perpetrator: Clayton Allison (Father), convicted of second-degree murder.

Source: Wasilla man convicted of daughter’s murder denies abuse

Jacob Grabe

Photo of Jacob Grabe, an adolescent boy wearing glasses.Name: Jacob Grabe.
Died: September 11, 2008.
Age at death: 13.
Cause of death: Murder.
Location: Denver, Colorado, USA.
Disability: Asperger syndrome.

Jacob was shot by his father, who “feared his son would never be able to live a normal life”.

Perpetrator: Allen Grabe (Father); attempted insanity defense, convicted of murder, sentenced to life without parole.

Source: Jacob Grabe