Kazuko Saito

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Name: Kazuko Saito.
Died: December 13, 2015.
Age at death: 43.
Cause of death: Murder-suicide.
Location: Tokyo, Japan.
Disability: Developmental disability.

Kazuko’s sister killed her with a knife, then committed suicide.

Perpetrator: Fumiko Saito (Sister).

Source: Murder-suicide suspected after discovery of sisters’ corpses

Mary Fields

No PhotoName: Mary Fields.
Died: October 15, 2015.
Age at death: 67.
Cause of death: Neglect.
Location: Youngstown, Ohio, USA.
Disability: Mental illness.

Mary was neglected by her sister; she died of a stroke, brought on by malnutrition and dehydration.

Perpetrator: Barb Copeland (Sister), pleaded guilty to failing to provide care for an impaired person.

Former YPD officer indicted for death of sister
Mary Fields – The Warren Record: Obituaries
Former YPD officer pleads guilty to neglecting disabled sister


Blurry photo of a woman in a wheelchair, taken from inside a building, through the window.Name: Andeng (Last name unknown).
Died: July 19, 2015.
Age at death: Adult.
Cause of death: Abuse.
Location: Bulacan, Philippines.
Disability: Mental illness; recent surgery; wheelchair user.

Andeng’s sister was videotaped by a passer-by, slapping and berating her on the street as she sat in a wheelchair. Days later, she was dead, and police say that abuse played a significant role in her death.

Perpetrator: Her sister.

Source: Wheelchair user suffers vicious assault at the hands of older sister, police say


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Name: Umesh.
Died: May 1, 2015.
Age at death: 35.
Cause of death: Murder.
Location: Amatekoppa, Shikaripur, India.
Disability: Physical disability.

Umesh’s brother rented a mini-truck, drove him out to the outskirts of a village, and ran him over. Police first categorized it as a hit-and-run, but they received tips that Umesh’s brother had taken out three life insurance policies on him and killed him to collect the money.

Perpetrator: Kumar (Brother), arrested, charged with murder.

Source: Man held on charge of murdering disabled brother

20-year-old male

No PhotoName Unknown.
Died: April 26, 2015.
Age at death: 20.
Cause of death: Murder.
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark.
Disability: Intellectual disability.

This young man was fatally stabbed in the neck by his younger sister. She told police, “I’ve just always hated him because he has ruined my life.”

Perpetrator: His 15-year-old sister. Ruled not guilty because of mental illness; sent to a psychiatric ward for treatment and eventual release.

15-årig pige erkender at have stukket sin bror ihjel
15-årig pige erkender: Jeg slog min storebror ihjel
15-årig pige stak sin bror ihjel: Moderen skrev lang artikel om deres problemer
15-årig pige stak storebror ihjel: ‘Nu har de mistet begge børn’
15-årig pige tilstår knivdrab: Stak storebror i halsen
16-årig pige hadede sin storebror og dræbte ham med kniv
Danish girl killed disabled brother who ‘ruined life’

Ashley Lovett

Photo of Ashley Lovett. She is a young woman sitting in a hospital bed, feeding a bottle to a newborn infant. Her blond hair is tied back.Name: Ashley Lovett.
Died: October 2014; body found April 10, 2015.
Age at death: 27.
Cause of death: Unknown.
Location: Millen, Georgia, USA.
Disability: Intellectual disability.

Ashley was the mother of a baby which was taken away from her and placed with family members.

Ashley’s stepmother and half-brother, whom she lived with, did not report her death and collected her disability checks for several months after she died. When asked where Ashley was, they lied to investigators.

How Ashley died cannot be determined because her body was burned and buried more than a year before it was found; at that point only fragments were left to be identified by their DNA match to Ashley’s child, now two or three years old and living with family.

Perpetrator: Susan Lovett (stepmother), Christopher Eugene Lovette (half-brother); both pleaded guilty to concealing the death of a relative; both sentenced to 10 years prison and 10 years probation.

Source: 2 plead guilty in concealment of Jenkins death

Wendy Blackstone

Photo of Wendy Blackstone and her dog.Name: Wendy Blackstone.
Died: March 16, 2015.
Age at death: 49.
Cause of death: Murder.
Location: Studio City, California, USA.
Disability: Deaf, visually impaired.

Wendy was found dead in her garage in what seemed to be set up to look like a double suicide with her sister; but the suicide note that Wendy was supposed to have written had actually been written by her sister, and police suspected a “mercy killing” murder.

Perpetrator: Jill Blackstone (Sister); charged with murder, charges dropped due to lack of evidence.

Source: Hollywood producer suspected of murdering her sister in failed suicide pact was drowning in $1.4million debt, owed her sibling $122,000, is about to lose her home and filed for bankruptcy

Lee Del Ratez

Photo of Lee Del Ratez, a man with dark hair and light tan skin. He is holding his hands in fists just below his chin, and wearing a black and blue T-shirt.Name: Lee W. Del Ratez.
Died: January 8, 2015.
Age at death: 40.
Cause of death: Neglect.
Location: North Adams, Massachusetts, USA.
Disability: Unspecified.

Lee died because of his siblings’ negligence when they did not take care of him properly.

Perpetrator: Heath Del Ratez (Brother), charged with manslaughter by negligence and caretaker abuse of a disabled person; Jessica Kemp (Sister), charged with manslaughter by negligence and caretaker abuse of a disabled person.

North Adams pair charged with manslaughter in connection with death of disabled sibling
North Adams pair charged with manslaughter by negligence in death of disabled man
Lee W. Del Ratez, 40

Barbara Beam

No PhotoName: Barbara Anne Beam.
Died: January 2, 2015.
Age at death: 82.
Cause of death: Neglect.
Location: Greeneville, South Carolina, USA.
Disability: Mobility impairment.

Barbara’s caregivers left her sitting in her chair for six months, without moving her or cleaning her. Finally Barbara died from a blood clot, caused by sitting still for so long, that lodged in her lungs. She also had a severe untreated kidney infection.

Perpetrator: Carole Howell (Sister), charged with neglect; David Howell (Nephew), charged with neglect.

Source: Woman charged in death of her sister who sat in chair for 6 months, warrants say