Cora Okonski

Photo of Cora Okonski, a young woman with fair skin, blue eyes, and straight brown hair. Her expression is solemn.Name: Cora Okonski.
Died: April 16, 2000 (Last seen); body never found.
Age at death: 23.
Cause of death: Homicide, unknown type.
Location: Tama, Iowa, USA.
Disability: Bipolar disorder, ADHD.

After telling her friend that she was afraid that her fiance was going to kill her, Cora Okonski disappeared, leaving behind her two-year-old son. Seventeen years later, with Cora still missing, her fiance was charged with her murder. Her son was adopted by family.

Cora’s murder trial is proceeding even though her body was never found, but there is good evidence that she is dead. After she disappeared, her family didn’t hear from her, and her disability payments went uncollected. The case broke when Cora’s fiance, in prison for unrelated charges, bragged to another prisoner that he had “choke-slammed” Cora and buried her body.

Perpetrator: Tait Purk (Fiance), convicted of second-degree murder, sentenced to 35-50 years in prison.

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