Grace Carlson

Photo of Grace Carlson.Name: Grace Carlson.
Died: July 17, 2010.
Age at death: 13.
Cause of death: Murder-suicide.
Location: South Lyon, Michigan, USA.
Disability: “Seriously disabled”; born addicted to crack.

Grace’s mother poisoned her in a murder-suicide.

Perpetrator: Donna Carlson (Adoptive mother).

Source: Details emerge about South Lyon murder-suicide attempt; police seek charge of murder 1

Jimmy Phillips

No Photo
Name: James “Jimmy” Phillips.
Died: January 11, 2010.
Age at death: 76.
Cause of death: Multiple murder-suicide.
Location: Gulf Hills, Mississippi, USA.
Disability: Paraplegic.

Jimmy and his wife Joanne, 70, were both killed by their son in a double murder-suicide. Jimmy was shot four times in the face; Joanne was beaten to death.

They left behind one surviving daughter.

Perpetrator: Sammy Phillips (Son).

He killed his parents then took his own life. Neighbors want their property cleared.
Jackson County Sheriff: Alcohol, drugs factor in double homicide-suicide case in St. Martin
Murder/suicide case to be sent to grand jury

Kelsey Moore

No PhotoName: Kelsey Moore.
Died: December 13, 2009.
Age at death: 13.
Cause of death: Murder-suicide.
Location: Madison County, Kentucky, USA.
Disability: Angelman syndrome.

Kelsey’s father shut her in their garage and poisoned Kelsey and himself with carbon monoxide.

Kelsey liked music. Her favorite instrument was the trumpet.

Perpetrator: Richard Moore (Father).

Source: Father let truck run to kill self, daughter

Jeremy Bostick

Black and white portrait photo of Jeremy Bostick, a young boy.Name: Jeremy Bostick.
Died: September 27, 2009.
Age at death: 11.
Cause of death: Murder-suicide.
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Disability: Autism.

Jeremy’s father gassed himself and his son with carbon monoxide.

Perpetrator: Jeffrey Bostick (Father).

Source: Jeremy Bostick
Dad in murder-suicide had sought help for autistic son
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Alberta has a tragic history of murder-suicides within families

Phyllis Fish

No PhotoName: Phyllis Fish.
Died: September 20, 2009.
Age at death: 88.
Cause of death: Murder-suicide.
Location: Laguna Woods, California, USA.
Disability: Stroke, recent cancer diagnosis, dementia.

Phyllis’s husband drugged her with morphine, then shot her and himself in the head.

Perpetrator: James Fish (Husband); charged with manslaughter, but died before he could be tried.

Doctor, 90, kills wife, tries to commit suicide
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DA dismisses mercy killing case after husband dies
Retired doctor suspected of killing wife, shooting self, dies

Faheem Farook

No Photo
Name: Faheem Mohamed Farook.
Died: April 24, 2009.
Age at death: 7.
Cause of death: Murder-suicide.
Location: Singapore.
Disability: Asperger syndrome.

Faheem and his parents moved to Singapore from India when he was just a year old; at five, Faheem was diagnosed with autism, and his parents were “troubled by his condition”.

When he was seven, his father pushed him out a high-rise window and jumped out after him.

Perpetrator: Mohamed Farook (Father).

Source: Husband leaped to death with son: She taps into grief to help others heal
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