Paul Roddy

Photo of Paul Roddy, a man with fair skin and dark-brown hair. He is wearing a suit and tie.Name: Paul Roddy.
Died: December 31, 2015.
Age at death: 55.
Cause of death: Fatal abuse.
Location: Manchester, England, UK.
Disability: Multiple sclerosis.

The caregiver that Paul was living with did not care for him. Instead, the man beat him up and starved him while pocketing the government money he claimed as a caregiver to a disabled person. Paul died from abuse and neglect, his body severely malnourished; he had multiple broken bones.

Paul was a retired engineer and the father of four children.

Perpetrator: Christopher McAllister (“Friend”; Non-family, non-professional caregiver), convicted of manslaughter, sentenced to 10 years.

Unemployed thug beat seven stone Multiple Sclerosis sufferer to death
MS-sufferer beaten to death in own home by thug carer who left him malnourished
Violent carer who killed vulnerable MS sufferer is jailed
Man with MS died after carer physically abused him for months

David Fuhrman

No PhotoName: David Fuhrman.
Died: November 24, 2015.
Age at death: 54.
Cause of death: Neglect.
Location: Penn Hills, Pennsylvania, USA.
Disability: Mental illness; intellectual disability.

David was starved and neglected by his unpaid caregivers, who claimed they had “essentially adopted” him. He died of a combination of blood poisoning from untended bedsores, pneumonia, and malnutrition.

David worked at Goodwill.

Perpetrator: Adam Haynes and Pamela McNeal (Housemates; informal adoptive parents), both pleaded guilty to third-degree murder, neglect, conspiracy, and reckless endangerment.

Couple jailed in death of 76-pound disabled man covered with bed sores
Couple held in alleged neglect death of 76 lb. disabled man
Couple held in death of 76-pound disabled man with bed sores
Penn Hills couple charged in man’s death once contracted with county as caregivers
Penn Hills caregivers face trial in death of man with disabilities
Caregivers plead guilty in 2015 death of Penn Hills man
Penn Hills caregivers plead guilty in 2015 death of disabled man

Jacklyn Nguyen

No PhotoName: Jacklyn Nguyen.
Died: June 10, 2015.
Age at death: 2.
Cause of death: Fatal abuse.
Location: Los Banos, California, USA.
Disability: Developmental disability, possibly autism.

Jacklyn’s mother sent her to stay with a chiropractor who promised to cure her autism. Coroner’s findings suggest that the chiropractor beat her severely.  She died from her injuries.

Perpetrator: Vincent Hoai Do, convicted of involuntary manslaughter and child abuse causing death, sentenced to 9 years in prison.

Autism Memorial: Jacklyn Nguyen
Patterson man housing children with autism found guilty in toddler’s death
Murder charge in death of disabled 2-year-old
Patterson man says 2-year-old girl fell. Pathologist said that’s not how she died.
Patterson man sentenced in death of toddler with developmental disability

Richard Davenport Jr.

Richard Davenport's gravestone. It reads, "Davenport, Richard Baxtor Jr. Lcpl USMC Vietnam. 1953-2013. Peace at last."Name: Richard Baxter Davenport Jr.
Died: April 16, 2013.
Age at death: 59.
Cause of death: Murder.
Location: North Wilkesboro, North Carolina, USA.
Disability: Leg amputee; used a wheelchair.

Richard’s neighbor, who served as his caregiver, entered his home and cut his throat, leaving him to die.

He was a military veteran who had been in the Marines.

Perpetrator: Coy Edward Pack (Neighbor), pleaded no contest to voluntary manslaughter, sentenced to three years and six months to five years and four months in prison; April Pack (Neighbor; Caregiver), pleaded guilty to being an accessory to murder, burglary, and armed robbery, sentenced to 5 years, 6 months to 7 years, 8 months in prison.

Coy Pack murder trial set
Husband of woman arrested earlier is also charged with murder
Davenport, Richard Baxter, Jr.
Arrest made for murder
Richard Davenport Jr., Marine veteran, dies on April 16
North Wilkesboro man found dead in his home
Eddie Pack pleads guilty to voluntary manslaughter
April Pack is sentenced for being accessory in man’s death