Qyzra Walji

Photo of Qyzra Walji, a young woman with straight brown hair and tan skin, smiling broadly. A wheelchair head rest is visible behind her head.Name: Qyzra Walji.
Died: October 31, 2013.
Age at death: 21.
Cause of death: Multiple murder-suicide.
Location: London, Ontario, Canada.
Disability: Cerebral palsy.

When she was about six years old, Qyzra’s parents immigrated to Canada from Tanzania, so that she could get good education and health care.

She was a bright student whose friends remember her smile fondly; she was always smiling. She liked fashion, pop culture, and boys.

She wrote an article in Girls’ Life about her experiences. You can read it here:
The Story Of A Girl With Cerebral Palsy

When their temporary visas expired and the government of Canada planned to deport them, Qyzra’s father shot her and her mother Shyroz in a murder-suicide.

Perpetrator: Mohamed Walji (Father).

Mohamed Walji killed his wife and severely disabled daughter, then himself, but questions remain
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The Story Of A Girl With Cerebral Palsy
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  • Date of death is the actual date of death, if known; or if not, the date the body was found.
  • A question mark accompanies approximate dates and ages.
  • Death types in this order of precedence:
    • Contract killing: Perpetrator paid or convinced a third party to do the killing.
    • Murder-suicide: Murder, combined with completed suicide by the perpetrator.
    • Murder: Killing with intent.
    • Abuse: Fatal abuse with intent to harm.
    • Neglect: Fatal neglect.
    • Medical neglect: Lack of, or inappropriate, medical treatment resulting in death.
  • “Unknown” or “Unsolved” cause of death are homicides where the precise mechanism of death is not determined.
  • Multiple murder; multiple murder-suicide: Multiple victims within a short period of time; at least one victim was disabled.
  • No limitation on locations; however, searches were carried out in English. It is likely that non-English-speaking countries are underrepresented.
  • Not all perpetrators were convicted of a crime; some were charged but not convicted, others never charged. Sentences for filicide convictions range from suspended sentence or community service to the death penalty.
  • Active cataloging of cases started in mid-2014; this page contains cases from 1980 to the present.