Nur Sani

No PhotoName: Nur Fatin Mohd Sani.
Died: November 20, 2023.
Age at death: 29.
Cause of death: Abuse-related injuries.
Location: Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia.
Disability: Intellectual disability.

When her father died, Nur moved in with her sister. After about a year, her sister claimed she had simply found her dead; but medical examiners sounded the alarm when they saw her battered body. Prosecutors say Nur’s sister physically abused her, causing injuries that eventually proved fatal.

Case Status:
Nur Syuhaidah Mohd Sani (Sister), charged with murder.

Pharmacy assistant charged with causing death of disabled sister
Pharmacy assistant charged with murder of disabled sister
36yo M’sian Woman Charged For Allegedly Murdering OKU Sister

Lugela Morales

No PhotoName: Lugela Geraldez Morales.
Died: May 25, 2023.
Age at death: 42.
Cause of death: Blunt trauma.
Location: Talisay City, Cebu, Philippines.
Disability: Autism.

Lugela’s brother came home drunk and hit her in the shoulder. Surprised and hurt, she yelled insults at him. He allegedly responded by beating her until she stopped moving. Lugela’s mother called medics and had her rushed to the hospital, but it was too late; she had died from massive injuries to her head and body.

Case Status:
Levan Geraldez Morales (Brother), arrested and will be charged with murder.

Drunk Man Beats Older Sister With Autism To Death Following Verbal Altercation
Babaeng may autism, namatay matapos bugbugin ng nakababatang kapatid
Autism Memorial: Lugela Morales

Yusuf and Mesut Firat

No PhotoName: Yusuf Firat.
Age at death: 40.

Name: Mesut Firat.
Age at death: 38.

Died: March 31, 2023.
Cause of death: Gunshot.
Location: Elazig, Turkey.
Disability: Unspecified.

Yusuf and Mesut and their family were shot by their brother. There had reportedly been an argument over money, which their brother resolved by killing his family and himself.

Case Status:
Hüseyin Fırat (Brother), deceased.

Murder-suicide claims family of 6 in Türkiye’s Elazığ
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No PhotoName: Rashta (Also spelled Riasat).
Died: March 13, 2023.
Age at death: 35.
Cause of death: Injury from edged weapon.
Location: Baldia Town, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.
Disability: Polio survivor.

Rashta’s father and brother tried to pressure him into selling his home; when he refused, they allegedly killed him. Rashta was declared dead on arrival at the hospital.

Rashta worked as a laborer.

Case Status:
Zardar (Father), arrested.
Asim (Brother), wanted for murder; at large.

Property dispute father kills disabled elder son along with younger son Pipa News
Polio-disabled man stabbed to death by father, brother over land dispute

Antonio Tatasciore

No PhotoName: Antonio Tatasciore.
Died: January 29, 2023.
Age at death: 74.
Cause of death: Strangled.
Location: Ortona, Chieti, Italy.
Disability: Unspecified; mental or neurological.

Antonio’s brother strangled him before taking his own life, leaving a letter that stated he was frustrated that he could not find a care home for Antonio.

Case Status:
Roberto Tatasciore (Brother), deceased.

Ortona (Chieti), soffoca l’anziano fratello disabile e poi si suicida impiccandosi
Oggi a Ortona l’ultimo saluto ai fratelli trovati morti
kills his disabled brother and then takes his own life
Torna a casa e trova i due fratelli morti: l’ipotesi omicidio suicidio per il caso di Antonio e Roberto Tatasciore
L’addio ai due fratelli Tatasciore Il parroco: non bisogna giudicare


No PhotoName: Sandeep.
Died: September 24, 2022.
Age at death: 47.
Cause of death: Stabbed.
Location: Vettoor, Kerala, India.
Disability: Epilepsy, bedridden.

Sandeep’s brother came home and allegedly stabbed him as he lay sleeping in bed. A nurse caring for Sandeep heard the commotion and took Sandeep to the hospital; but his injuries were not survivable. Police say Sandeep’s brother confessed, explaining that he had killed his brother because he could not take care of him.

Sandeep worked at Indian Railways.

Case Status:
Santhosh (Brother), charged with murder.

Drunk vet murders bedridden younger brother in Kerala; claims couldn’t take care of him
Doctor stabs brother to death in Varkala

Shanelle Colquhoun

No PhotoName: Shanelle Colquhoun.
Died: July 24, 2022.
Age at death: 26.
Cause of death: Stabbed.
Location: Brooklyn, New York, USA.
Disability: Wheelchair user.

Shanelle was stabbed to death; her brother was arrested on suspicion of having killed her.

Case Status:
Her brother, age 17, has been arrested.

Emotionally disturbed teen stabs older sister to death at their Brooklyn home
Brooklyn stabbing: Woman killed at home, teen brother in custody

Gulabi Kerketta

No PhotoName: Gulabi Kerketta.
Died: July 11, 2022.
Age at death: 23.
Cause of death: Beaten.
Location: Alipurduar, West Bengal, India.
Disability: Intellectual disability; Deaf.

Gulabi’s brother allegedly beat her to death because she couldn’t make it to the toilet and had an accident in her room.

Case Status:
Ajit Kerkatta (Brother), charged with murder.

Disabled woman killed in Dooars, brother arrested

Katherine Sokolich

No PhotoName: Katherine Sokolich.
Died: July 3, 2022.
Age at death: 63.
Cause of death: Head injury.
Location: Ballwin, Missouri, USA.
Disability: Unspecified.

Katherine’s brother, who was her court-appointed guardian and responsible for taking care of her, beat her because he was frustrated with taking care of her. After he called 911 and reported that she was injured, Katherine was hospitalized, but later died of a brain bleed due to head trauma.

Case Status:
Anthony Sokolich (Brother, guardian), pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter, sentenced to probation.

Police say 70-year-old Missouri man killed disabled sister
Man accused of beating disabled sister to death
70-Year-Old Missouri Man Beat His Disabled Sister to Death: Authorities
Disabled woman dies after attack by ‘frustrated’ caretaker brother near Ballwin, police say

King Dewey

Photo of a toddler boy with curly black hair and light-brown skin, his mouth slightly open; he is wearing an orange T-shirt.Name: King Dewey.
Died: May 31, 2022.
Age at death: 3.
Cause of death: Malnutrition.
Location: Port Arthur, Texas, USA.
Disability: Down syndrome, suspected autism.

King was found dead in his home, weighing only 19 pounds. Police say he had been locked in a closet for some time.

Case Status:
Tina Louis (Mother), charged with injury to a child.
Kristen Louis (Sister), charged with injury to a child.
Jaylin Jevon Lewis, charged with injury to a child.

Third suspect arrested in connection with death of 4-year-old boy found in Port Arthur home
Mom and Aunt Charged in Death of Disabled Toddler Boy Found Emaciated
Mother, daughter charged in handicapped child’s death
Police release new details about death of 3-year-old emaciated special needs child
Police: Emaciated 3-year-old special needs child weighed 19 pounds at time of death
Third suspect sought in ’emaciated’ toddler’s death