Gayatridevi and Gauri Pandey

No PhotoName: Gayatridevi Pandey.
Age at death: 40.
Disability: Epilepsy.

Name: Gauri Pandey.
Age at death: 11.
Disability: Mental illness.

Died: December 20, 2023.
Cause of death: Drowning.
Location: Valsad, Gujarat, India.

Gayatridevi’s husband allegedly pushed her and her daughter Gauri into the river, where they drowned. He jumped in himself, but was rescued after grabbing onto a bridge, and was charged with murder.

Case Status:
Vijay Pandey (Husband, Father), charged with murder.

Gujarat : Mother-Daughter drowns in Waroli River in Sanjan
Gujarat Man Pushes Wife and Mentally-Ill Daughter into River, Resulting in Fatalities
Man kills wife, daughter by pushing them into river in Gujarat; tries to end life

Aremean Mayo and Michael Willett

No PhotoName: Aremean Mayo.
Age at death: 93.
Disability: Unspecified/Frail elder.

Name: Michael Willett.
Age at death: 69.
Disability: Wheelchair user, Stroke survivor

Died: November 25, 2023 (Bodies Found).
Cause of death: Stabbed.
Location: Denmark, Maine, USA.

Michael, his partner, and his partner’s grandmother Aremean shared a household, where Michael’s partner cared for them both. Another of Aremean’s grandchildren grew worried when she couldn’t contact them and their caregiver told her she was “tired of taking care of them both”; so she asked for a welfare check. When police knocked on her door, their caregiver told police that Aremean was in the hospital and Michael was in the woods, hunting. But Michael couldn’t have pushed his wheelchair through the woods, and police quickly determined that Aremean was not in the hospital; so they forced their way into the house, where they found that both of them had been stabbed to death.

Case Status:
Tzara Jones (Michael’s partner, Aremean’s granddaughter), charged with murder.

Maine woman accused of killing her partner, elderly grandmother to be arraigned
‘Tired of taking care of them’: Maine caretaker accused of killing her partner, grandmother appears in court
‘Took me by surprise:’ Neighbors shocked as Denmark woman charged with killing 2 people in her care

Jean Salter

No PhotoName: Jean Ann Salter.
Died: October 8, 2023.
Age at death: 78.
Cause of death: Strangled.
Location: Mount Maunganui, North Island, New Zealand.
Disability: Dementia.

Jean’s dementia was progressing, and it had been suggested that Jean should be moved to a residential facility; her husband, upset that they might be separated, strangled her with a necktie. The killer claimed that there was a suicide pact, but there is no evidence of this save for his claim, and Jean, impaired by dementia, would not have been able to consent to an assisted suicide.

Case Status:
John Alfred Salter (Husband), pleaded guilty to murder.

Wife’s last words as husband of 60 years strangled her with a tie
‘Smell of an oily rag’: Murder of wife with Alzheimer’s shows need for more dementia support

Thérèse Brassard-Lévesque

No PhotoName: Thérèse Brassard-Lévesque.
Died: September 30, 2023.
Age at death: 79.
Cause of death: Unspecified homicide.
Location: Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada.
Disability: Alzheimer’s disease.

Thérèse and her partner were found unconscious in her room at her senior living home. Thérèse was declared dead at the scene, but her partner was taken to the hospital, where his condition improved. Police believe that Thérèse’s partner killed her and then tried to kill himself, but survived the attempt.

Case Status:
Gilles Brassard (Partner), charged with first-degree murder.

Police investigate homicide at Terrebonne, Que., seniors’ residence | CBC News
Man, 81, charged in wife’s murder at Quebec seniors’ home
Woman, 79, killed at Quebec seniors residence; suspect, 81, under watch in hospital

Florence Brown

Photo of an older lady with pale skin and curly, short white hair; she is wearing square-rimmed glasses, a pastel purple striped blouse, and a yellow vest.Name: Florence Brown.
Died: September 12, 2023.
Age at death: 94.
Cause of death: Gunshot.
Location: Lansdale, Pennsylvania, USA.
Disability: Dementia.

Florence’s husband called police to tell them he had just shot his wife. Police arrived to find Florence and her husband with gunshot wounds; Florence, who had been shot multiple times, was dead on arrival at the hospital, and her husband died later that night.

Case Status:
Stanley Brown (Husband), deceased.

Lansdale husband, 93, killed wife, 94, in murder-suicide, Montgomery County DA says
93-year-old man kills his wife, then himself in Montgomery County murder-suicide: Police
Stanley Florence Brown Obituary – Huff & Lakjer Funeral Home, Inc. – Lansdale – 2023
Shooter and Victim Identified in Tuesday’s Murder-Suicide in Lansdale
MURDER-SUICIDE: Husband Kills 94-Year-Old Wife Then Himself In Lansdale, DA Says

Jean Morley

Photo of an older woman with curly light-brown hair and fair skin, wearing a blue print dress, smiling for the camera.Name: Jean Morley.
Died: July 31, 2023.
Age at death: 92.
Cause of death: Suffocation.
Location: Fisher, New South Wales, Australia.
Disability: Dementia.

Jean’s husband allegedly suffocated her.

Case Status:
Donald Morley (Husband), charged with murder.

92-year-old Donald Morley will plead guilty to murder of his dementia-suffering wife, Jean
Murder accused withdraws bail application over alleged suffocation of Jean Morley
Elderly man charged with murder after allegedly suffocating wife

Patricia Zaccario

Photo of a middle aged woman with short, wavy blond hair and fair skin, wearing silver earrings and a red blouse, smiling.Name: Patricia Zaccario.
Died: July 15, 2023.
Age at death: 73.
Cause of death: Gunshot.
Location: Hackensack, New Jersey, USA.
Disability: Unspecified; terminally ill nursing home resident.

Patricia’s husband visited her at her nursing home, shot her dead, and then shot himself.

Case Status:
Michael Zaccario (Husband), deceased.

Authorities ID husband, wife dead in murder-suicide at N.J. nursing home
Elderly married couple shot dead in nursing home in ‘murder suicide’
Officials: 73-year-old Patricia Zaccario, 76-year-old Michael Zaccario fatally shot at New Jersey nursing facility

Sinuan Boonkird

No PhotoName: Sinuan Boonkird.
Died: June 7, 2023.
Age at death: 58.
Cause of death: Burns.
Location: Udon Thani, Thailand.
Disability: ALS.

Sinuan’s neighbors reported that they overheard Sinuan and her husband arguing. Worried about possible domestic violence, they called authorities and went to check on her. They found Sinuan in her bed, on fire; they put the fire out, but it was too late, and by the time police arrived, Sinuan was dead. Police believe Sinuan’s husband poured diesel on her and set her on fire.

Case Status:
Samorn Boonkird (Husband) has been arrested.

Alcoholic sets fire to his bedridden wife resulting in her death
Yatalak eşiyle saatlerce kavga etti! Öfkelenen koca evini ateşe vererek karısını öldürdü


No PhotoName: Mahesh.
Died: June 2023.
Age at death: Adult.
Cause of death: Hanged.
Location: Hyderabad, Telangana, India.
Disability: Stroke; bedridden.

Mahesh was found unconscious in his house, barely alive, and was taken to the hospital where he died. His wife and her boyfriend are suspected of having hanged him and trying to pass it off as a natural death.

Case Status:
Latha (Wife), charged with murder.
Vikram (Wife’s boyfriend), wanted for murder.

Hyderabad: Woman held for hubby’s murder after 5 months
Woman held for Hubby’s Murder after 5 months

Shana McClain

Photo of a middle aged woman with light-tan skin, her brown hair arranged in neat braids that coil around her head and fall over her right eye. She is smiling. Name: Shana McClain.
Died: May 29, 2023.
Age at death: 53.
Cause of death: Stabbed.
Location: Landrum, South Carolina, USA.
Disability: Unspecified; wheelchair user.

When police responded to Shana’s home, they found her stabbed to death in her wheelchair and her boyfriend holding a knife.

Case Status:
Freddie Edwards (Boyfriend), fatally shot by police.

South Carolina woman found dead in wheelchair, boyfriend killed after charging police
Man accused of fatally stabbing woman in wheelchair shot, killed by authorities, sheriff says
Woman found dead in wheelchair, suspect killed in officer-involved shooting