Sharon Greenop

Photo of Sharon Greenop, a middle-aged woman with short brown hair, photographed outdoors. The camera seems to have caught her off guard, since she has her eyes closed mid-blink.Name: Sharon Greenop.
Died: Months before November 10, 2016.
Age at death: 46.
Cause of death: Traumatic injury.
Location: Troon, Ayrshire, Scotland.
Disability: Prolapsed disc; mobility impaired.

Exactly how Sharon died was initially unknown because, when she died, her family left her body in her room for several months while they pretended on social media that she was still alive.

A year before Sharon died, they had fired her aide. Sharon became increasingly isolated and was mistreated and neglected by her family. They even threw away the table that she used to do jigsaw puzzles on.

Police labeled Sharon’s death “suspicious” and investigated for some weeks before eventually arresting her sister for beating Sharon, then refusing to get her treatment for the injuries that ultimately proved fatal.

Before her disability, Sharon had worked at a bakery.

Case status:
Lynnette Greenop (sister), convicted of murder, sentenced to 23 years.
Shayla Greenop (Daughter), charged with murder, acquitted.

Social workers could have prevented abuse of Troon murder victim Sharon Greenop
Disabled Ayrshire mum ‘murdered by sister after social workers abandoned her’
House of horrors: Disabled mum may have been dead in bedroom for months
Mum laid dead in bedroom for months in house full of tarantulas, rats, a blind cat and three-legged sheep dog
Woman may have lain dead in Troon home for months
Body of mum was found when neighbours noticed smell and fly infestation
Body of Ayrshire mum may have lain dead in her bedroom for months while family continued living there
Sharon Greenop ‘lay dead in house full of flies for FIVE MONTHS’
Woman ‘lay dead for WEEKS’ as daughter and sister carried on as normal
Police confirm death of Troon mum found in bedroom treated as ‘suspicious’
Funeral to be held for disabled mum who was found decomposing in Troon
Sister of Sharon Greenop whose body was discovered in her Troon house appears in court charged with murder
Murder trial: ‘Family used candles to hide body smell’
Sister and daughter of disabled Troon mum Sharon Greenop on trial for murder
‘Murder victim’ spotted with black eye
‘Fear factor’ when sister moved in
Disabled woman’s sister guilty of murder as daughter is cleared
Jailed: Callous killer who left sister to die in agony

Margaret Fleming

Photo: Young woman with thick, dark shoulder-length hair cut in bangs. She has brown eyes, fair skin, a narrow nose, and a round face.Name: Margaret Fleming.
Died: Reported missing October 28, 2016. Probably died between December 18, 1999 and January 5, 2000.
Age at death: 35 (when reported missing; most likely 19 at death).
Cause of death: Missing, presumed dead, ruled homicide.
Location: Inverkip, Inverclyde, Scotland.
Disability: Intellectual disability.

Margaret was last seen alive at a family gathering on December 17, 1999. At the time, she was staying with a couple who served as her caregivers. For many years, her caregivers pretended she was alive and that they had heard from her, while they pocketed her disability allowance.

Seventeen years after she disappeared, with Margaret required to appear for a benefits assessment, her caregivers finally reported Margaret missing. Though they claimed they had seen her, no one else had. After detectives investigated, Margaret’s housemates were arrested for tying her up, bludgeoning her to death, and dumping her body. They had apparently held her hostage for two years before her death, tied up and locked in a room.

Margaret’s body has not been found. When she was last seen, she was “around 5ft 5 inches in height, with collar length black hair and brown eyes… of heavy build… wearing a green coloured tartan fleece or jumper, dark coloured jeans or trousers, wearing [dark] ‘Karrimor’ type boots… had a satchel-type handbag.” Anyone who knows anything about Margaret’s disappearance and death is encouraged to call the Inverclyde police department.

She attended a local college, but had never worked.

Case status:
Eddward Cairney (Unrelated housemate/caregiver), convicted of murder and sentenced to 14 years to life.
Avril Jones (Unrelated housemate/caregiver), convicted of murder and sentenced to 14 years to life.

Margaret Fleming: Man who murdered vulnerable teenager dies in jail
Man who murdered vulnerable woman refusing to settle proceeds of crime action
Carer who murdered teen & claimed her £182k benefits REFUSES to pay back cash
Margaret Fleming: Killer Cairney refuses to settle benefit scam claim
Margaret Fleming inquiry postponed by council
Independent inquiry into murder of Margaret Fleming to begin
Carers jailed for murdering teenager
Bogus carers who murdered vulnerable teenager Margaret Fleming sentenced to life in prison
Carers guilty of murdering missing teenager
Carers accused of murdering missing disabled woman claim she is still alive
Margaret Fleming murder accused carers Eddie Cairney and Avril Jones set for High Court
Missing woman still alive, claim carers
Carers of vulnerable woman not seen since 1999 accused of murder
Missing woman Margaret Fleming was not in control of her bank cards
Missing Person, Margaret Fleming – Inverkip – Police Scotland
Carers of missing Margaret Fleming ‘murdered her and claimed benefits’
Carers detained over disappearance of Inverkip woman not seen in 18 years
Couple claim that missing Margaret ran away in fear
Carers due in court over disappearance of Inverkip woman not seen since 1999
Renfrewshire couple face High Court accused of murdering Margaret Fleming, who ‘vanished’ 18 years ago
Margaret Fleming murder accused left without wheelchair
Murder accused ‘swore at police officers’

Michelle Stewart

School photograph of Michelle Stewart, a girl with fair skin and long brown hair, wearing a school uniform and hoop earrings.Name: Michelle Stewart.
Died: November 14, 2008.
Age at death: 17.
Cause of death: Stabbed.
Location: Drongan, East Ayrshire, Scotland.
Disability: Club feet.

Michelle had a boyfriend, but broke up with him because she wanted to go to university.

Michelle’s ex-boyfriend killed her with a knife. She died in her mother’s arms.

Case status:
John Wilson (Ex-boyfriend), convicted of murder, sentenced to 12 years to life; granted community release after he served 9 years.

Fury as killer gets out after just 9 years
Father of Ayrshire girl, 17, hacked to death in bloodbath horror furious as killer to get home leave after serving just NINE years
Murder victim’s father demands justice system reform
Call for justice reform as Michelle Stewart’s killer gets out
Expert claims it’s ‘extremely unlikely’ killer who hacked Ayrshire girl, 17, to death will be allowed to step foot in victim’s family neighbourhood