Willow Dunn

Photo of a baby with Down syndrome. She has fair skin and wispy blonde hair and is smiling broadly.Name: Willow Dunn.
Died: May 25, 2020.
Age at death: 4.
Cause of death: Neglect.
Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
Disability: Down syndrome.

Willow’s father starved her to death. Her body was found covered in severe bedsores.

Perpetrator: Mark James Dunn (Father), charged with murder.

Heart-wrenching new detail on alleged murder of four-year-old Brisbane girl
Willow Dunn’s stepmum charged with killing disabled girl days after four-year-old’s dad accused of leaving her to starve
Girl who died in family home may have been dead inside for two days
More details emerge over death of Brisbane girl, four, as her dad is accused of murder
‘Senseless’ death of toddler Willow Dunn sparks outpouring of community grief
‘Big questions’ over what could have been done to save Willow Willow Dunn’s father and stepmum hit with more child cruelty charges

Mary White

Photo of Mary White, an elderly woman with chin-length white hair, fair skin and blue eyes. She is photographed in profile and has a thoughtful expression on her face.Name: Dr. Mary E. White.
Died: August 5, 2018.
Age at death: 92.
Cause of death: Murder.
Location: Bundanoon, New South Wales, Australia.
Disability: Vascular dementia.

Mary White’s daughter went to the aged care home where she lived and poisoned her with an overdose of medication.

Dr. White was a scientist who studied environment, biodiversity and climate change. She wrote books on environmental sciences and created the Australian Museum’s fossil collection. She also created the Falls Forest Retreat, a rainforest sanctuary in New South Wales. Dr. White was named a Member of the Order of Australia for her services to botany.

Perpetrator: Barbara Eckersley (Daughter), charged with murder.

Daughter accused of mother’s nursing home murder to face trial
Dr Mary White – Paleobotanist
Woman, 92, ‘murdered by her daughter’ is an award-winning doctor
Woman, 67, charged with killing her 92-year-old mother in nursing home
Woman charged with murder over death of elderly mother
Former Canberra woman accused of killing her mother granted bail
Famed environmental scientist Mary White allegedly murdered by daughter
Dr Mary White’s daughter granted bail after being charged with her murder
Dr Mary White’s daughter charged with her murder
Nursing home murder: Woman charged with killing her elderly mother
Murder charge defendant granted bail variation in Goulburn Local Court

Taye Cockman, Rylan Cockman, Arye Cockman, and Kadyn Cockman

Photo of Katrina Miles and her children Taye, Rylan, Arye, and Kadyn Cockman. Rylan is Name: Taye Cockman.
Age at death: 13.

Name: Rylan Cockman.
Age at death: 12.

Name: Arye Cockman.
Age at death: 10.

Name: Kadyn Cockman.
Age at death: 8.

Died: May 11, 2018.
Cause of death: Multiple murder-suicide.
Location: Margaret River, Western Australia, Australia.
Disability: Autism; Rylan also had chronic pain.

Non-disabled victims: Cynda Miles, age 58; Katrina Miles, age 35.

Arye, Kadyn, Rylan, and Taye were all killed by their grandfather in a mass murder-suicide. Their mother and grandmother were murdered in the same event.

The family lived on a farm, where the four children were home-schooled, and were working on making the farm self-sustaining. They grew vegetables and even built their own dam.

The four children all kept journals, and Taye, the oldest, was becoming an accomplished writer. All the children were working on learning to swim.

Perpetrator: Peter Miles (Grandfather).

‘Such lovely people’: Community in shock at WA murder-suicide
Inside remote farmhouse seven people shot dead in Osmington, Australia
PICTURED: The family who live at the ‘mass murder-suicide farmhouse’
Margaret River Tragedy: 7 Dead In Suspected Murder-Suicide In Western Australia
Mum and four ‘autistic’ kids among seven dead in Australia ‘mass-murder suicide’
Four autistic children and their mother among seven found dead in Australia
Police continue probe into WA murders
Grandfather suspected of murder-suicide in Australia family massacre
Tributes for family in Margaret River suspected murder-sucide
‘We are devastated’: Grandparents, mother and four children killed in murder-suicide in Australia
Who is Peter Miles, what happened in Osmington and how is the granfather linked to the murder-suicide shooting?
Grandparents, mom and kids shot dead in Australia murder-suicide
Western Australian police say seven shooting deaths were murder-suicide
Grandad kills wife, daughter and FOUR autistic grandkids, then himself
Cops investigating whether gun owning grandfather was behind murder of 7
Tributes for family murdered in rural WA
Who were the family killed in the Margaret River mass shooting?
Three guns found at scene of murder-suicide belonged to grandfather
Mom and 4 Children With Autism Among 7 Victims of Australian Murder-Suicide — and Grandfather Is Suspect
The grandfather suspected of shooting seven family members
Pictured: Mum and Four Children Killed In ‘Murder Mass Suicide’
Osmington massacre suspect is four dead autistic children grandfather
‘He didn’t snap, he planned this’
The mystery of the Miles family and a murder-suicide that shocked the world
Osmington murder-suicide suspect, grandfather Peter Miles, sounded vague’ day before worst mass shooting in Australia for 22 years
Peter Miles: Margaret River grandfather had ‘sense of failure’
‘Sense of failure’ led to WA farm murders
Bloodshed in Australia: Grandfather suspected of gunning down his wife, daughter, and four autistic grandchildren
Grandad ‘planned the mass-shooting of my four children,’ devastated dad says
Margaret River, WA shooting: Father of murdered children speaks out
Dad Whose 4 Children with Autism Died in Murder-Suicide Says Kids’ Grandfather Planned Attack
My family was ripped apart by violence – and the killer was not a ‘good bloke’
Father of children killed in suspected murder-suicide claims grandfather planned the deadly shooting
Grandfather Suspected of Killing 6 Relatives Battled Depression After Son’s Suicide, Friend Says
Margaret River Massacre, Peter Miles, Katrina Miles
Australian feminists deny mental health crisis behind Margaret River murder-suicide
Margaret River community calls for support after mass murder
Margaret River shooting: Katrina Miles’ friends, community want better mental health

Nancy Barclay

No PhotoName: Nancy Barclay.
Died: January 24, 2018.
Age at death: 83.
Cause of death: Murder.
Location: Perth, Western Australia, Australia.
Disability: Alzheimer’s disease.

Nancy and her husband had been married for 63 years. One night, she forgot to take her sleeping tablets; so instead of going to sleep, she went to sit at the kitchen table instead. Finding her there when he woke in the early morning, Nancy’s husband strangled her until she died.

Perpetrator: Harold Barclay (Husband), charged with murder, released on bail; died before he could be tried.

Man killed wife to put her ‘out of her misery’
Elderly husband accused of murdering wife of 60 years in their suburban home
Man, 85, charged with murdering his dementia-suffering wife, 83
Elderly Perth man charged with murder of 83-year-old sick wife
Harold Barclay: Man accused of killing wife who had Alzheimer’s granted bail
Accused ‘mercy killing’ husband dies in hospital

Sarah-Jane Gatt

Tilted photo of a young woman with messy brown hair, wearing a denim jacket and smiling at the camera.Name: Sarah-Jane Gatt.
Died: January 3, 2018 (Body found; died April 20-24, 2017).
Age at death: 40.
Cause of death: Murder.
Location: Kensington, New South Wales, Australia.
Disability: Unspecified; on disability pension; bulimia, drug addiction.

Sarah-Jane’s body was found in her bathtub, where it had been for months after her murder. In the interim, her partner pretended she was still alive in order to collect her disability pension.

Sarah wanted to become a model when she was younger and went to school for it, but the diet pills she took to stay thin were the beginning of her problems with eating disorders and drugs. She became the mother of four children, but was unable to care for them because of her addiction. She wanted to become a counselor to help others.

Perpetrator: Andrew Baker (Partner), charged with murder and social security fraud.

No-show in Vic death welfare fraud case
Kensington dead body: Mum Sarah Gatt died months before bathtub find
What happened to Sarah?
Man charged with murder of Melbourne woman Sarah Gatt after body found in bathtub

Shirley Thompson

No PhotoName: Shirley Thompson.
Died: September 2, 2017.
Age at death: 73.
Cause of death: Neglect.
Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
Disability: Dementia.

Shirley’s sons left her alone and uncared-for until she died of sepsis from infected pressure sores, malnutrition, and dehydration.

She had been a church volunteer.

Perpetrator: Phillip Joseph Thompson (Son) and David Thompson (Son), both charged with manslaughter by gross criminal neglect.

Sons accused of letting mother die on urine-soaked bed granted bail
Police officer and his brother charged over mother’s death
AFP employee who allegedly left his mother ‘lying in a state of filth’ refused bail in Sydney court – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Mum eaten alive

Mathew Dunbar

Photo of Mathew Dunbar, a middle-aged man with a receding hairline, gray eyes, and a friendly smile.Name: Mathew Dunbar.
Died: August 2, 2017.
Age at death: 42.
Cause of death: Murder.
Location: Walcha, New South Wales, Australia.
Disability: Depression.

Mathew was a farmer who used his land to raise sheep.

After he made her the sole heir of his large property, Mathew’s partner made up a cocktail of sedatives and fed it to Mathew; when he was unconscious she gassed him with helium. She claimed that Mathew had committed suicide due to his depression, but when police checked her computer, it became evident that she had been researching how to commit murder. She was also arrested and charged with attempted murder years ago for setting the house on fire with her previous husband inside, but the charge was withdrawn.

Perpetrator: Natasha Beth Darcy (Partner), charged with murder.

Nutribullet used to blend cocktail of drugs in grazier murder: court
Woman charged over death of NSW farmer allegedly searched ‘murder’ before his death

Jonathan Crabtree

Photo of Jonathan Crabtree, a young man with light skin and brown hair, wearing a T-shirt.Name: Jonathan Crabtree.
Died: July 18, 2017.
Age at death: 26.
Cause of death: Murder.
Location: Upper Coomera, Queensland, Australia.
Disability: Developmental disability, TBI from car accident.

Jonathan and his two disabled sisters were abused by their mother, who repeatedly sedated them with prescription drugs. It probably made their disability much more severe than it would otherwise have been. Jonathan’s sister Erin died in 2012, a victim of a deliberate overdose administered by their mother; but her death was passed off as a suicide.

After Jonathan was hurt in a car accident, he had to take opiates and became addicted. His mother encouraged his addiction and even manipulated him into robbing a pharmacy for Tramadol. She killed him by giving him an overdose of opiates and forged a suicide note.

Jonathan’s other sister survived their ordeal and was rescued when the murders were discovered.

Perpetrator: Maree Crabtree (Mother), charged with two counts of murder, grievous bodily harm, torture, fraud, and armed robbery.

Australian mother arrested after she allegedly poisoned her disabled kids
Gold Coast mother killed two adult children for financial gain, police allege
Maree Crabtree ‘told disabled son to hold up a chemist’ | Daily Mail Online
Mum, 51, charged with murdering her kids told one to rob a chemist
Mother accused of poisoning her disabled adult children to death bagged $500k in insurance
‘Killer mum’ claimed $500k in insurance for disabled kids
Mum allegedly poisoned two children, prepared suicide note
Queensland mother allegedly murdered her two children with disabilities for money
Mother charged over children’s murders
QLD mother charged with murder, torture after allegedly poisoning two children to death
Friend says murdered Jonathon Crabtree was ‘full of life’
Jonathan Crabtree tried to call best mate an hour before his death
Australian mother arrested for the alleged murder of her two disabled children
Gold Coast mother killed two adult children for financial gain, police allege
Son of murder-accused had been ‘trying to pick up his life’ before he was found dead
Pictured: Disabled siblings ‘poisoned to death by rat-loving mother’
Australian mum ‘poisoned, killed disabled children for financial gain’, police claim
Murder-accused mother used prescription drugs to control children: police
Police say murder-accused mum helped son secure $200,000 disability benefits, then staged his suicide
Mum accused of disabled kids’ murder said one got Autism from a needle
Australian woman kills two ‘disabled’ adult children for financial gains
Mum partied as Erin died alone
Father of murdered siblings tried to have his son put in care
The missing Sprite cup in the police case against an accused double murderer

Ozlem Karakoc

Photo of Ozzie Karakoc, a woman with dark-brown hair and light freckled skin, wearing a bright pink jacket.Name: Özlem “Ozzie” Karakoç.
Died: July 14, 2017.
Age at death: 34.
Cause of death: Murder.
Location: Dandenong, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Disability: Bipolar disorder.

Ozzie’s ex-boyfriend killed her because she had ended the relationship and wanted to marry another man. He drowned her in the bathtub, and then claimed that they had had a suicide pact (there is no evidence that they ever did).

Perpetrator: Murat Davsanoglu (Ex-boyfriend), charged with murder.

‘Suicide pact’ man facing murder trial for girlfriend’s bath drowning
‘You left us too soon’: Family pays tribute to young mum found dead in Lalor
Melbourne man ‘drowned partner in the bath in suicide pact’
Vic man to stand trial over bath murder
Tributes pour in for Melbourne mum allegedly murdered by partner
Mother allegedly dumped in abandoned house in ‘suicide pact’

Helen Dansie

Photo of Helen Dansie, an older woman with fair skin and short curly gray hair. She is wearing a flowered scarf with a pink sweater and smiling broadly.Name: Helen Dansie.
Died: April 16, 2017.
Age at death: 67.
Cause of death: Murder.
Location: Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.
Disability: Stroke.

Helen’s husband picked her up from her nursing home, went to a park, and pushed her into a pond, where she drowned. He believed she had become a burden to him, and had taken out a life insurance policy on her four days prior.

She was a retired microbiologist. At the nursing home, she liked playing chess and doing crossword puzzles.

Perpetrator: Peter Rex Dansie (Husband); charged with murder. First trial ended in mistrial; second trial ended in conviction for murder. Sentenced to 25 years.

Real life: My dad staged my mum’s murder as an accident
Lawyer for wife-killer Peter Dansie compares his murder conviction to George Pell case
Man killed wheelchair-bound wife by pushing her into pond
Adelaide man guilty of murdering wife who drowned in pond
This is what accused Adelaide wife-killer Peter Rex Dansie told police on the day his wife died
‘Suitcase full of condoms’: Adelaide murder accused bought ticket to China
Alleged wife killer replied ‘no comment’ when son asked about her death
Dansie to face new murder trial in October
Disabled woman’s husband ‘carefully planned her murder’
Husband charged with murder of wheelchair-bound wife found in pond
Murder charge
Man charged with murder of wife who drowned in Adelaide pond
Wheelchair-bound wife drowned in ‘planned attack’
Husband charged with murder of wheelchair-bound wife
SA man charged over Adelaide pond death
Husband charged with his wheelchair-bound wife’s murder
Tiny pond where a wheelchair-bound woman was mysteriously found dead
Veale Gardens pond drained as police investigate Helen Dansie’s death
Wheelchair drowning death unexplained, despite autopsy, police say
Detectives return to scene of pond death
Pond death: ‘Of course it was an accident’
Twist in parklands pond death mystery
Man accused of drowning wife had allegedly searched internet for ‘cheap funerals’
Man accused of pushing disabled wife into pond pleads not guilty to murder
Man accused of drowning wheelchair-bound wife fronts court
Man charged with drowning wheelchair user wife in Adelaide pond to face trial by judge
Husband ‘pushed wife’s wheelchair into pond for insurance pay-out’
Man accused of drowning wife seemed ‘unfazed’ when paramedics arrived, court hears
Man, 70, accused of drowning disabled wife in pond after she ‘became a burden’
Man accused of drowning wife with disabilities saw her as a ‘cost burden’, court hears