Mavis Long

Photo of a middle-aged woman with brown eyes, red cheeks and short curly brown hair.Name: Mavis Long.
Died: May 10, 2019.
Age at death: 77.
Cause of death: Asphyxia.
Location: Pennant, Ceredigion, Wales, UK.
Disability: Alzheimer’s disease.

Mavis lived with her husband. After an argument, her husband grabbed and strangled her to death.

Case status:
Frank Long (Husband), convicted of manslaughter, sentenced to 3 years, 4 months, to be served in care.

Husband Charged And Sentenced For Killing His Alzheimer’s Suffering Wife
Man, 80, jailed for strangling wife after row
Husband in court on wife murder charge
Husband jailed for more than three years for manslaughter of his wife

Stephanie Packman

No PhotoName: Stephanie Packman.
Died: August 1, 2018.
Age at death: 64.
Cause of death: Throat cut.
Location: Kemsley, Kent, England, UK.
Disability: Dementia.

Stephanie had dementia and was living in a care home. When her husband came to get her from the care home, staff became alarmed and called police. But they were too late; Stephanie’s husband had already cut her throat. He attempted suicide himself, but survived.

Stephanie’s husband claims that it had been a suicide pact, but no evidence for this has emerged.

Case status:
Michael Packman (Husband), pleaded guilty to manslaughter by diminished responsibility, given a 2-year suspended sentence.

Pensioner charged with murdering his wife over ‘failed suicide pact’
Wife killed in ‘failed suicide pact’ named
Sittingbourne man accused of murdering his wife needed hospital treatment too
Murder suspect remanded in custody after death of woman in Sittingbourne
Pensioner who killed wife with dementia in failed suicide pact spared jail
‘Devoted’ husband who fatally cut dementia-stricken wife’s throat is spared jail

Levi Illingayuk

Photo of Levi Illingayuk, an Inuit man with his head propped on his hand, speaking to someone off-camera.Name: Levi Illingayuk.
Died: February 3, 2018.
Age at death: 66.
Cause of death: Homicide.
Location: Clyde River, Nunavut, Canada.
Disability: COPD.

Levi’s son smashed in his father’s ribs during a drunken fight. Levi was taken to the hospital but died soon afterward because he could not get enough oxygen.

Levi was Inuit and testified for the Qikiqtani Truth Commission about an incident that happened when he was a child. When he was about 12, some of his family died when their camp fell through the ice into the water. While he and others evacuated from the camp were gone, authorities shot their dogs and bulldozed the camp before the survivors had time to go back and collect their belongings.

Case status:
Christopher Jaypoody (Son), convicted of manslaughter, sentenced to 4 years in prison minus credit for time served; will serve 698 days in jail.

Nunavut man jailed for vodka-fuelled attack that hastened father’s death
Levi Illingayuk

Kathleen West

Selfie-style photo of Kathleen West, a woman with fair, slightly tanned and freckled skin and blonde hair. She is wearing a maroon blouse left open to show a little cleavage, and a heart-shaped gold necklace.Name: Kathleen Dawn “Kat” West.
Died: January 13, 2018.
Age at death: 42.
Cause of death: Head trauma.
Location: Calera, Alabama, USA.
Disability: Bipolar disorder.

Kat’s husband hit her on the head with a bottle, killing her.

She owned an online web site where she worked as an adult model; her mother says she “wanted everyone to think she was beautiful”.

Kat was the mother of one daughter, who is now living with her grandparents.

Case status:
William Jeffrey West (Husband), convicted of reckless manslaughter, sentenced to 16 years.

Kat West’s husband, Jeff West, sentenced to 16 years in wife’s death
Alabama husband pleads not guilty in death of exhibitionist wife
Bond cut denied for man accused of killing exhibitionist wife: report
Kat West’s mother says Jeff West not guilty of murder; bond reduction denied
Few answers in Calera mother’s mysterious murder
Kat West’s Mom Defends Husband Accused Of Exhibitionist’s Murder, Says It Was An Accident
Ex-cop pleads not guilty in death of exhibitionist wife
Ala. Husband Is Accused of Killing Wife Found Partially Naked Outside Home — But Victim’s Mom Defends Him
Kat West trial: Jeff West found guilty of reckless manslaughter

Jocelyne Lizotte

Photo of Jocelyne Lizotte, a middle-aged woman with graying light-brown hair cut to chin length. She is leaning her head against her hand, smiling, and wearing a flower-print shirt.Name: Jocelyne Lizotte.
Died: February 20, 2017.
Age at death: 60.
Cause of death: Asphyxia.
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Disability: Alzheimer’s disease, mobility impairment (Wheelchair user).

Jocelyne’s husband had applied for her to have euthanasia. However, because she had dementia and was not competent to make that decision, they were denied. Undeterred, Jocelyne’s husband killed Jocelyne–who was claustrophobic–by smothering her with a pillow.

Case status:
Michael Cadotte (Husband), convicted of manslaughter, sentenced to two years less a day in prison, three years of probation and 240 hours of community service; arrested for violating parole.

Michel Cadotte faces new charge while serving manslaughter sentence
Man who killed his Alzheimer’s-stricken wife is back in prison
Montreal man who killed wife in late stages of Alzheimer’s gets parole
Cadotte won’t appeal sentence in death of wife with Alzheimer’s
Judge hears from families at Michel Cadotte sentencing arguments
Sentencing man who killed wife with Alzheimer’s will be a challenge, judge admits
Victim’s sons tell court that killing of ailing mother was no act of compassion
Jocelyne Lizotte’s sons tell court killing of their ailing mother was no act of compassion
‘She died in dignity,’ man accused of killing his ailing wife tells bail hearing
Alleged murder of woman with Alzheimer’s leads to demand for more euthanasia
Man Kills His Wife Because They Were Refused an Assisted Suicide
BioEdge: Should Quebec’s Alzheimer’s patients be eligible for euthanasia?
Slaying of nursing-home patient renews questions about medical assistance in dying
Death of dementia patient revives debate over assisted suicide
Renewed calls to review assisted death rules after Montreal man charged with murdering wife
Man charged with nursing home murder made cryptic Facebook post
Man arrested in death of woman at seniors’ residence
‘No murder in empathy and compassion,’ Michel Cadotte’s lawyer argues
Suspect in controversial murder of Alzheimer’s patient seeks bail
Montreal man accused in death of wife with Alzheimer’s disease granted bail
A murder case over assisted dying divides Quebec
Man charged in death of woman with Alzheimer’s will stand trial
Jury selection begins Monday in trial of man accused of killing ailing wife
Crown outlines case against Quebec man charged with suffocating ailing wife
Orderly testifies victim in Alzheimer’s slaying required constant care
Accused in slaying of wife at long-term care centre told nurse he was responsible
Murder trial hears that woman with Alzheimer’s was not at end of life
Michel Cadotte caressed his wife’s hair and kissed her before arrest
Crown closes its evidence in Michel Cadotte murder case
Man on trial for killing wife with Alzheimer’s was ‘pushed beyond his limits,’ defence says
‘I loved her’: Montreal man on trial for murder of ailing wife testifies about her death
Montreal man charged with ailing wife’s death recounts how he smothered her /A>
‘Suffering too much’: Montreal man admits to smothering ailing wife with pillow
Expert says man accused of killing ailing wife had disturbed state of mind
Man accused of killing ailing wife wasn’t suffering from major depression: expert
Jurors deliberate in case of Montreal man charged with killing ailing wife
Montreal man found guilty of manslaughter in compassion killing of ailing wife with Alzheimer’s disease
Cadotte case could rekindle compassion killing debate ahead of sentencing

Brandon Strauss

Photo of Brandon Strauss. He is a teenage boy with fair skin. He is wearing a striped polo shirt and his hair is hidden under his bulky helmet. He is leaning on something off to the right of the picture.Name: Brandon Strauss.
Died: February 20, 2017.
Age at death: 21.
Cause of death: Polymicrobial gram negative sepsis, drug intoxication and medical neglect.
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
Disability: Down syndrome, epilepsy, autism.

Brandon was badly burned in the shower over 12% of his body. His parents say that while his father was washing him, he had a seizure in the shower and accidentally turned on the hot water, causing second- and third-degree burns. Brandon’s parents covered the burns with ointment and bandages; but they did not seek medical attention.

As several days passed and the burns began to look worse, Brandon’s parents put off taking him to the emergency room–until one morning they found him dead. On autopsy, he was found to have dangerous levels of medication in his body.

Case status:
Yolanda Strauss (Adoptive mother), charged with murder and abuse of a vulnerable person, charges dropped.
Ross Strauss (Adoptive father), charged with murder and abuse of a vulnerable person, charges dropped.

Autism Memorial: Brandon Strauss
Murder charges against Las Vegas couple dismissed
Las Vegas couple charged with murdering their special needs son, 21
Couple charged with murder in death of their special needs son
Pair face murder charges in Vegas man’s Feb dying – Vegas Review-Journal
Las Vegas couple are charged with murdering their 21-year-old adopted special needs son who was found with lethal levels of medication in his system
Las Vegas couple face murder charge in death of special-needs son
Pair face murder charges in Las Vegas man’s February death
Las Vegas couple suspected in death of their special-needs son indicted

Tyler Caudill

Photo of Tyler Caudill, a young boy with fair skin and brown hair. He has a wide smile. He is wearing a magenta T-shirt.Name: Tyler Joseph “TJ” Caudill.
Died: Late August 2016; body found November 13, 2016.
Age at death: 6.
Cause of death: Malnutrition.
Location: Portsmouth, Ohio, USA.
Disability: Autism.

TJ was abused and starved by his mother and her boyfriend; then he went missing. His body has been found, and his mother and her boyfriend charged with murder when it was found that TJ’s death was a homicide. He had been abused, forced to stand and walk for hours at a time, locked in a bathroom, and starved to death.

Case status:
Margarita L. White (Mother), pleaded guilty to murder and child endangerment, sentenced to 18 years to life.
Douglas Lee Hunt (Mother’s boyfriend), convicted of aggravated murder, child endangerment, torture, abuse, tampering with evidence, and abuse of a corpse, sentenced to life without parole.

UPDATE: Mother, Boyfriend charged in death of 6-year-old boy
Mother, Boyfriend Arrested in 6 Year Old Boy’s Death
Portsmouth Police find body amidst search for missing 6-year-old
Scioto grand jury indicts couple in death of autistic boy
Appeals court upholds conviction/sentence

Margaret Fleming

Photo: Young woman with thick, dark shoulder-length hair cut in bangs. She has brown eyes, fair skin, a narrow nose, and a round face.Name: Margaret Fleming.
Died: Reported missing October 28, 2016. Probably died between December 18, 1999 and January 5, 2000.
Age at death: 35 (when reported missing; most likely 19 at death).
Cause of death: Missing, presumed dead, ruled homicide.
Location: Inverkip, Inverclyde, Scotland.
Disability: Intellectual disability.

Margaret was last seen alive at a family gathering on December 17, 1999. At the time, she was staying with a couple who served as her caregivers. For many years, her caregivers pretended she was alive and that they had heard from her, while they pocketed her disability allowance.

Seventeen years after she disappeared, with Margaret required to appear for a benefits assessment, her caregivers finally reported Margaret missing. Though they claimed they had seen her, no one else had. After detectives investigated, Margaret’s housemates were arrested for tying her up, bludgeoning her to death, and dumping her body. They had apparently held her hostage for two years before her death, tied up and locked in a room.

Margaret’s body has not been found. When she was last seen, she was “around 5ft 5 inches in height, with collar length black hair and brown eyes… of heavy build… wearing a green coloured tartan fleece or jumper, dark coloured jeans or trousers, wearing [dark] ‘Karrimor’ type boots… had a satchel-type handbag.” Anyone who knows anything about Margaret’s disappearance and death is encouraged to call the Inverclyde police department.

She attended a local college, but had never worked.

Case status:
Eddward Cairney (Unrelated housemate/caregiver), convicted of murder and sentenced to 14 years to life.
Avril Jones (Unrelated housemate/caregiver), convicted of murder and sentenced to 14 years to life.

Man who murdered vulnerable woman refusing to settle proceeds of crime action
Carer who murdered teen & claimed her £182k benefits REFUSES to pay back cash
Margaret Fleming: Killer Cairney refuses to settle benefit scam claim
Margaret Fleming inquiry postponed by council
Independent inquiry into murder of Margaret Fleming to begin
Carers jailed for murdering teenager
Bogus carers who murdered vulnerable teenager Margaret Fleming sentenced to life in prison
Carers guilty of murdering missing teenager
Carers accused of murdering missing disabled woman claim she is still alive
Margaret Fleming murder accused carers Eddie Cairney and Avril Jones set for High Court
Missing woman still alive, claim carers
Carers of vulnerable woman not seen since 1999 accused of murder
Missing woman Margaret Fleming was not in control of her bank cards
Missing Person, Margaret Fleming – Inverkip – Police Scotland
Carers of missing Margaret Fleming ‘murdered her and claimed benefits’
Carers detained over disappearance of Inverkip woman not seen in 18 years
Couple claim that missing Margaret ran away in fear
Carers due in court over disappearance of Inverkip woman not seen since 1999
Renfrewshire couple face High Court accused of murdering Margaret Fleming, who ‘vanished’ 18 years ago
Margaret Fleming murder accused left without wheelchair
Murder accused ‘swore at police officers’

Erica Parsons

Photo of Erica Parsons, a young girl with pale skin and dark-brown shoulder-length hair. Her nose is red.Name: Erica Parsons.
Died: Died December 19, 2011; reported missing July 30, 2013; body found September 27, 2016.
Age at death: 13.
Cause of death: Homicide.
Location: Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA.
Disability: Learning disability, deaf from birth.

Erica was physically and emotionally abused by her adoptive parents. They locked her in a closet, hit her, and deliberately broke her fingers.

Sometime in 2011, she disappeared. Witnesses said she was “having trouble breathing” shortly beforehand. She was not reported missing for two years.

Until Erica’s body was found, her parents could only be convicted for fraud, since they had cashed Erica’s disability checks in the years between her disappearance and its reporting.

Five years after her likely death, Erica’s adoptive father led police to her body. Her bones revealed that she had been malnourished, and had suffered many fractures from abuse. Authorities could not find an exact cause of death, but determined she had died from “homicidal violence”, probably from being strangled or from injury from beatings.

Case status:
Sandy Parsons (Adoptive father), convicted of fraud, murder, obstruction of justice, and concealment of death, sentenced to 33 years to life.
Casey Parsons (Adoptive mother), convicted of fraud, murder, obstruction of justice, and concealment of death, sentenced to life without parole.

Erica Parsons’ adoptive dad to serve minimum of 33 years for murder, abuse, obstruction
Judge rips Parsonses for Erica’s life, death
Sheriff: Erica Parsons likely dead before reported missing
Girl missing since 2011 was tortured repeatedly before death, warrant says
Chesterfield ‘adoptive father tortured disabled daughter before discarding her body’
NC girl who lived in a house of horror died any of several torturous ways, autopsy finds
Erica Parsons Update: Autopsy Reveals Details About Missing Girl’s Life And Death
Autopsy reveals girl died brutal death, adoptive parents likely to face charges
Autopsy reveals girl died brutal death, had many broken bones
Erica Parsons was 12 or 13 when her parents killed her and cut up the body, cops say
Erica Parsons’ adoptive parents charged in girl’s death, dismemberment
Hidden Torture: Murder Victim Erica Parsons Homeschooled
Erica Parsons’ Parents To Face Death Penalty In Murder Trial

Lydia Whitford

Photo of Lydia Whitford. She is a young woman with fair skin and dark brown hair; she is wearing a turquoise jacket and pink baseball cap. Her mouth is open and her face relaxed in a neutral expression. Name: Lydia Whitford.
Died: July 14, 2016.
Age at death: 18.
Cause of death: Possible homicide; possible natural death after abuse.
Location: Stonewall, Manitoba, Canada.
Disability: Autism, epilepsy.

Lydia’s death was originally ruled natural, but her mother and sister saw bruises on her body and pushed for an investigation. More than a year later later, Lydia’s foster mother was charged with manslaughter. Exactly how Lydia died has not been released.

Her sister told reporters that “I want people to remember her as the kind and loving person she was.”

Case status:
Lisa Marie Campbell (Foster mother), charged with manslaughter, charges stayed.

Autism Memorial: Lydia Whitford
Vigil marks birthday of woman with autism who died in CFS care
Family wants answers in homicide of teen living in licensed foster home
Family of woman with autism found dead in foster home seeks answers
Family plans birthday vigil for Manitoba teen with autism killed in foster care
Family seeks answers after teen’s death in foster care deemed a homicide
Homicide victim’s family asks how woman with autism died in CFS care
Killing of teen with autism in foster care to be investigated by Manitoba’s children’s advocate
Foster mother charged in death of autistic woman, 18
Woman charged with manslaughter in death of disabled woman
Winnipeg woman charged in death of teen with autism
Foster mom charged in 2016 homicide of teen with autism, family says
Winnipeg woman arrested following homicide in July 2016: RCMP
Family of teen with autism looking for closure after Crown stays manslaughter charge against foster mother