Omar Omran

Memorial left outside Omran Omar's apartment, consisting of flowers, stuffed animals, and notes. In the foreground is a sign that says, "Rest in peace, precious little boy."Name: Omar Omran.
Died: July 10, 2017.
Age at death: 3.
Cause of death: Murder.
Location: Kimmage, Dublin, Ireland.
Disability: Autism.

Omar was stabbed to death by his mother.

Neighbors left flowers, notes, and toys outside his apartment building. One neighbor remembered that Omar used to throw his toys over his balcony, and his neighbor used to bring them back to him.

Perpetrator: Maha Al Adheem (Mother), charged with murder; found not guilty by reason of insanity, committed to mental hospital.

Mother of boy stabbed to death in Dublin is Iraqi doctor
Doctor arrested after son, 3, is found stabbed to death
Boy (3) killed in Kimmage ‘not a stranger to anyone’, says father
Mum accused of killing autistic son told police ‘it was my knife’
Doctor is held over fatal stabbing of autistic son, 3
Doctor ‘arrested after her autistic toddler is stabbed to death in their flat’
Mum arrested over toddler son found dead with stab wounds in apartment
Detectives investigating fatal stabbing of toddler (3) arrest woman
Stab victim Omar (3) laid to rest after ‘final kiss’ from father
Heartbroken father of stabbed Irish tot kisses him goodbye as he is laid to rest
Tearful Father Of Omar Omran Lays Stabbed Son To Rest
Doctor accused of murdering son was ‘amazing’ mother, neighbour tells court
Doctor who stabbed her son (3) to death in their south Dublin home found not guilty of his murder
Doctor found not guilty of murdering son (3) by reason of insanity

Emily Barut

No PhotoName: Emily Barut.
Died: September 15, 2012.
Age at death: 11.
Cause of death: Medical neglect.
Location: Tullamore, Ireland.
Disability: Microcephaly, epilepsy, physical disability, intellectual disability.

Emily’s mother–a doctor–poisoned her with chloral hydrate, a powerful sedative. She said she had done it to try to stop her daughter’s seizures; but the dose she gave was very high, and Emily died.

Emily’s mother was acquitted because the jury believed that, although she had a very high and potentially fatal dose of chloral hydrate in her system at the time, she had died of natural causes from her underlying illness.

Perpetrator: Bernadette Scully (Mother), charged with manslaughter; acquitted.

GP ‘gave toxic level of sedative to profoundly disabled daughter’ – trial hears
Partner of GP says child she is accused of killing ‘was her top priority’
‘GP gave her severely disabled daughter 10 times correct dose of sedative’, court hears
GP gave disabled daughter toxic dose of sedative, trial told
Woman gave daughter ‘toxic level’ of sedative, manslaughter trial hears
Court told doctor gave disabled daughter toxic level of sedative before taking overdose
GP gave toxic sedative to her daughter, court told
Charges expected after woman held in connection with murder of girl
GP accused of disabled daughter’s manslaughter described as ‘phenomenal’ carer, trial hears
Partner testifies in trial of GP accused of killing disabled child
Mother accused of manslaughter tells of exhaustion
Mother allegedly gave daughter toxic level of sedative, court hears
GP ‘allegedly gave severely disabled daughter toxic amount of sedative’
GP denies decision was premeditated in court
Doctor accused of murdering daughter with severe disabilities appears in court
Tullamore mourns death of Emily Barut
Trial hears mother of disabled daughter tried to take her own life
Mother of tragic Emily (11) arrested
Trial of GP accused of killing her daughter hears over 10 times more sedative was found in child’s system
Woman charged with Emily Barut murder
Doctor Goes on Trial Accused of Daughter’s Manslaughter
Sister of Offaly GP accused of manslaughter says she was ‘devoted, selfless and caring mother’
Offaly GP Manslaughter Trial Resumes This Morning
Jury sworn in for trial of Offaly mother accused of manslaughter of her young daughter
Woman charged with daughter’s murder
“You should have listened to poor little Emily crying,” court hears as the trial of GP accused of killing her disabled daughter proceeds
Woman gave daughter ‘toxic level’ of sedative, manslaughter trial hears
Western People — Offaly GP accused of killing daughter admitted giving too much sedative after she woke screaming
GP Accused Of Killing Her Daughter Admits Administering Too Much Sedative.
Woman Charged with Daughters Murder
Doctor Charged With Murder Of 11 Year Old Daughter
Mother arrested in connection to death of her 11-year-old daughter
Gardaí considered other possible causes of death in case of GP accused of killing daughter
Garda denies being ‘blinkered’ over cause of disabled girl’s death
Investigating gardai not ‘blinkered’ about girl’s cause of death – Bernadette Scully trial hears
Mother ‘would never deliberately hurt daughter’
Offaly GP Manslaughter Trial Hears Gardai Not “Blinkered” As To Cause Of Death
Gardaí ‘were not blinkered’ on GP daughter death
Gardaí not ‘blinkered’ about girl’s cause of death
GP tells of lead up to death of her child
‘I just took her up in my arms and held her’: Mother gives evidence about the night her daughter died
‘I did not cause Emily’s death. It’s so hurtful to hear that’ – Accused mother tells manslaughter trial
Jury hears suicide note written by Offaly GP accused of killing her disabled daughter
Bernadette Scully provided ‘exemplary’ care to disabled daughter
Doctor denies note acknowledged she caused daughter’s death
Care mum gave to disabled daughter was ‘100pc-plus’, manslaughter trial jury told
Prosecutor says Offaly GP accused of killing her disabled daughter ’broke all her own rules’
‘My little bird with a broken wing’ – Bernadette Scully not guilty of daughter’s manslaughter
GP found not guilty of daughter’s manslaughter
Offaly GP accused of killing her disabled daughter found not guilty
Comment: Bernadette Scully is innocent, but we are guilty of abandoning her
Emily Barut: An easy-to-love child who was profoundly disabled
Bernadette Scully verdict: Gasps and tears in court as GP cleared of manslaughter
Bernadette Scully Verdict: GP cleared of killing disabled daughter pleads for help for parents
Doctor’s tears of relief after being cleared of killing disabled daughter
Gasps in courtroom as GP is cleared of manslaughter of disabled daughter (11)
Irish GP accused of killing her 11-year-old daughter is found NOT guilty
Irish doctor Mom acquitted of killing disabled daughter
Inquest jury finds GP’s disabled daughter died from natural causes
Inquest finds disabled girl died of natural causes

Evelyn Joel

Photo of Evelyn Joel. She is a middle-aged woman with graying dark-brown hair and glasses.Name: Evelyn Joel.
Died: January 7, 2006.
Age at death: 59.
Cause of death: Neglect.
Location: Enniscorthy, Ireland.
Disability: Multiple sclerosis.

Evelyn’s family neglected her care. By the time she was hospitalized with multiple infected bedsores, she was too weak to recover when she caught pneumonia.

Perpetrator: Eleanor Joel (Daughter) and Jonathan Costen (Daughter’s husband), convicted of manslaughter; given two-year suspended sentence; sentence overturned.

Couple will not face retrial over death of MS sufferer
Court quashes couple’s convictions for killing Evelyn Joel
Couple who left MS sufferer, Evelyn Joel, to die in her own filth receive suspended sentence
Ma neglect killer walk free from court
Appeal by couple convicted of letting MS sufferer die with ‘maggots in her infected bedsores’