Vincent Roebuck

No PhotoName: Vincent Roebuck.
Died: November 16, 2022.
Age at death: 72.
Cause of death: Stabbing.
Location: Mt. Washington, Pennsylvania, USA.
Disability: Wheelchair user.

Vincent’s son allegedly broke into his house and stabbed him to death. Vincent’s other son was also stabbed, but survived.

Case Status:
Javon Taylor (Son), charged with criminal homicide, aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, and burglary.

Police: Man fatally stabbed father in Mt. Washington because he ‘wanted a cigarette’
Pennsylvania man allegedly killed father and stabbed brother because he was ‘frustrated, cold, and wanted a cigarette’

Bernadette, Lisa, and Matthew Steadman

No PhotoName: Bernadette A. Steadman.
Age at death: 92.
Disability: Chronic illness; wheelchair user.

Name: Lisa B. Steadman.
Age at death: 60.
Disability: Chronic illness.

Name: Matthew Steadman.
Age at death: 34.
Disability: Autism.

Died: October 15, 2022.
Cause of death: Gunshot.
Location: Elyria, Ohio, USA.

After a man called 911, saying he had killed his family and was going to kill himself, police responded to his address and found the whole family shot dead. Matthew, the youngest at 34, was autistic; his mother Lisa, 60, and grandmother Bernadette, had chronic illness. They had all been killed by their caregiver, who died by suicide before police arrived.

The family lived in a quiet mobile home park, well-liked by their neighbors, one of whom says she used to call Bernadette “Grandma”. The family had recently added a ramp to their home so that Bernadette and Lisa could maneuver in and out of the home more easily.

Case Status:
James Steadman (Son/Husband/Father), deceased.

‘I’m in shock’: Police release identities, details in the murder-suicide of Elyria family
Family of 4 found dead in Elyria home after apparent murder-suicide –
Elyria police identify victims of murder-suicide
Autism Memorial: Matthew Steadman

Mae Brown

No PhotoName: Mae Brown.
Died: October 15, 2022.
Age at death: 87.
Cause of death: Beating.
Location: Bronzeville, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Disability: Disabled elder, wheelchair user.

Mae was found beaten to death in her apartment. Earlier the same day, police had been called to her apartment twice, first by her daughter who accused her of stealing her disability payments, and then by Mae, who told police her daughter would not leave her apartment. Police arrested Mae’s daughter, who they say returned after being forced to leave and beat her mother to death.

Case Status:
Shearly Gaines (Daughter), charged with murder.

Death investigation: 87-year-old woman found dead in Bronzeville apartment ruled homicide, ME says
87-year-old woman beaten to death at senior living apartment building on South Side
‘It’s scary’: Woman, 87, found beaten to death in wheelchair at senior home complex, officials say
Woman Charged In Murder Of 87-Year-Old Woman In Douglas Apartment Complex
Garfield Park woman charged with murder of 87-year-old in Bronzeville senior complex
Woman charged with killing 87-year-old mother in CHA senior apartment on South Side
Bond denied for woman charged with killing 87-year-old mother on Chicago’s South Side
No bail for 69-year-old woman accused of murdering her 87-year-old mother at South Side senior apartments
Woman accused mom of stealing disability money before 87-year-old was found beaten to death: court

Ernest Sena Sr.

No PhotoName: Ernest Sena Sr.
Died: September 4, 2022.
Age at death: 62.
Cause of death: Gunshot.
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.
Disability: Mobility impaired; one arm paralyzed.

Ernest’s son allegedly shot him in the chest while visiting him to help him shop for groceries. Police say Ernest’s son, after he was arrested, admitted that this wasn’t the first time he had pointed a gun at his father.

Case Status:
Ernest A. Sena, Jr. (Son), charged with murder.

Man charged in shooting death of disabled father in South Valley
Man arrested for shooting his own father

70-year-old man

No PhotoName Unknown.
Died: September 1, 2022.
Age at death: 70.
Cause of death: Beaten.
Location: Ratmalana, Western Province, Sri Lanka.
Disability: Unspecified; bedridden.

This man’s son was arrested after having allegedly beaten him to death and injured his wife.

Case Status:
His son has been arrested.

Son arrested for killing father in Ratmalana

Joanna Parker

No PhotoName: Joanna Parker.
Died: August 22, 2022.
Age at death: 72.
Cause of death: Burns.
Location: Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA.
Disability: Wheelchair user.

Joanna’s son allegedly poured gasoline on her and set her on fire. Emergency responders were able to extinguish the fire, but she died at the hospital.

Case Status:
James Parker (Son), charged with murder.

Woman dies after being set on fire in Winston-Salem by son, police say

Patricia Martinez

No PhotoName: Patricia Martinez.
Died: August 20, 2022.
Age at death: 57.
Cause of death: Kidney failure.
Location: Bexar County, Texas, USA.
Disability: Chronic illness, diabetes.

Patricia was found in critical condition after allegedly being neglected by her children. She died a few days later in the hospital.

Case Status:
Oscar Dominguez (Son), Roxanna Carrero (Daughter), and Pedro Luis Carrero (Son).

3 Adult Children Neglected Bedridden Mother So Severely She Had Mold Growing on Her Body: Sheriff
BCSO: Woman severely neglected by her 3 adult children dies in hospital
Mother dies after being found in ‘deplorable’ conditions; 3 arrested

Michael Logsdon

Photo of a smiling older man with a fringe of white hair. He has pale skin; he is wearing glasses and a black collared shirt.Name: Michael “Mickey” Obra Logsdon.
Died: July 9, 2022.
Age at death: 75.
Cause of death: Hypoxia.
Location: Glasgow, Kentucky, USA.
Disability: ALS.

Michael died when his BIPAP was turned off; he was unable to breathe without it.

Michael was passionate about technology, especially space travel and electric cars.

Case Status:
Leighanne Bennett (Daughter), charged with murder.
Donna Logsdon (Wife), charged with murder.

Mother, daughter contesting murder charges
Mother, daughter indicted in murder case; special prosecutor appointed
Glasgow woman accused of killing her ailing husband. Daughter previously charged with murder.
Michael “Mickey” Obra Logsdon Obituary (1947 – 2022) – Glasgow, Kentucky

Steven Earle

No PhotoName: Steven Earle.
Died: April 27, 2022.
Age at death: 59.
Cause of death: Stabbed.
Location: South Bend Township, Minnesota, USA.
Disability: Unspecified disability.

Steven called police, asking for help because his son had a knife and was becoming violent. When police arrived, they found that he had been stabbed multiple times, but was still conscious and able to tell them that his son had stabbed him. He was rushed to the hospital, but died during surgery. The morning before the attack, he had texted a friend, saying that his son was becoming more controlling and was taking his phones away.

Case Status:
Travis R. Earle (Son), charged with second-degree murder.

Man charged with murder after fatally stabbing father making 911 call
Mankato Stabbing Victim Died During Surgery in Rochester

Rosemary Webster

No PhotoName: Rosemary Webster.
Died: March 16, 2022.
Age at death: 85.
Cause of death: Blunt trauma.
Location: La Quinta, California, USA.
Disability: Dementia.

Rosemary died from a severe beating. Police say her daughter called them and reported that Rosemary had wanted to go visit a relative, though it was no longer safe for her to drive, and that she had “snapped” and beaten Rosemary severely, tied her up, left her, and found her dead in the morning.

Case Status:
Sally Martha Webster (Daughter), charged with murder.

Prosecutors say La Quinta woman, overwhelmed and angry over mother’s dementia, killed her