Paramjeet Singh

No PhotoName: Paramjeet Singh.
Died: January 9, 2022.
Age at death: 30.
Cause of death: Beaten.
Location: Bharat Nagar, Delhi, India.
Disability: Quadriplegic after injury in traffic accident.

Paramjeet’s family came home to find him injured and brought him to the hospital, but it was too late, and he died. They told police that Paramjeet’s father had come home drunk and beaten him with a wooden rod.

Case Status:
Ajmer Singh (Father), charged with murder.

Paralysed man beaten to death by drunk father in Delhi
Delhi: 30-year-old paralysed man beaten to death by father

William Fitzhugh

No PhotoName: William Fitzhugh.
Died: December 12, 2021.
Age at death: 82.
Cause of death: Multiple injuries, malnutrition, neglect.
Location: Pullman, Michigan, USA.
Disability: Frail elder; kidney cancer.

William, who lived with his grandsons, was brought into the hospital with broken bones and malnutrition. His injuries were too severe to recover from, and made his kidney cancer impossible to treat. William died in hospice care. Before his death, he told authorities that his grandsons had been beating him.

Case Status:
Cory Nethery (Grandson), charged with elder abuse, embezzlement, and felony murder.
Christopher Fitzhugh (Grandson), charged with elder abuse, embezzlement, and felony murder.

‘The whole system failed my dad’: 82-year-old’s death ruled homicide after years of reported abuse
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2 accused of abuse, murder of grandfather

Kendrick Lee

Photo: A young boy with brown skin and brown eyes, his hair in short dreadlocks, wearing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tank top and smiling for the camera.Name: Kendrick Lee.
Died: October 4, 2021 (Body found; died November 20, 2020).
Age at death: 8.
Cause of death: Multiple blunt force injuries.
Location: Houston, Texas, USA.
Disability: Autism.

Kendrick lived in an apartment with his siblings, aged 7, 10, and 15, two of whom were also autistic. When his 15-year-old brother called emergency services, begging for help and saying that his brother was dead in the house with him, police arrived to find the children starving, the ten-year-old with broken bones, and Kendrick’s body, which had been there for nearly a year. Neighbors say they had been giving the 15-year-old food, but were not aware that he had apparently been living alone with his siblings. After Kendrick’s brothers told police that his stepfather had beaten Kendrick to death, Kendrick’s parents were arrested.

Case Status:
Brian W. Coulter (Mother’s boyfriend), charged with murder.
Gloria Y. Williams (Mother), charged with injury to a child by omission and tampering with evidence.

Autism Memorial: Kendrick Lee
Houston mom and boyfriend indicted for murder of her 8-year-old son
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Kyle Tiyo

A baby lies on his side on a colorful quilt. The baby is a chubby boy, sucking on his hands, wearing a white romper. His skin is brown, and he has curly black hair just on the top of his head. His eyes are milky with cataracts.Name: Kyle Tiyo.
Died: September 22, 2021.
Age at death: 10 months.
Cause of death: Blunt trauma.
Location: Bethelsdorp, South Africa.
Disability: Blind.

Kyle’s father, who his mother says had never accepted him ever since he learned Kyle had been born disabled, allegedly took him from his mother for the night, and when he gave the boy back, Kyle was limp and bruised all over. Kyle died from his injuries in the hospital.

Case Status:
Jason Mandeka (Father), charged with murder.

Father of murdered blind baby appears in court
Baby’s murder, mother’s agony
Mother narrates pain about how her baby daddy brutally beat up her disabled baby – Opera News

Mason Weston

No Photo
Name: Mason Joe Weston.
Died: August 7, 2021.
Age at death: 11.
Cause of death: Homicide; battered child.
Location: Fergus Falls, Minnesota, USA.
Disability: Autism.

When Mason was taken to the hospital with severe injuries, his attacker initially said he had fallen, but eventually told police that he had slammed Mason’s head against the wall and kicked him. Mason died in the hospital. His killer admitted that he had become angry at the boy for not washing the dishes.

Case Status:
Reggie Bethel (Mother’s boyfriend), pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, sentenced to 8 years 4 months to 12 1/2 years.

Otter Tail County man sentenced for beating death of boy with autism
Mason Joe Weston
Fergus Falls man charged with murdering autistic boy by slamming head into wall numerous times

Zeus Cox

Photo of a young boy with brown curly hair, brown eyes, and pale-brown skin, wearing a fleecy sweatshirt and pants with a Batman logo. The photo is taken outdoors, and he is smiling and waving his hands.Name: Zeus Geovani Cox.
Died: July 5, 2021.
Age at death: 3.
Cause of death: Blunt trauma; internal bleeding.
Location: Lafayette, Indiana, USA.
Disability: Suspected autism.

A month after being returned to his mother and her boyfriend, Zeus was found dead from a severe beating. Prosecutors told the court that Zeus had been beaten by his mother’s boyfriend, then denied medical treatment for his injuries.

His obituary describes him as “very active and full of life”.

Case Status:
Crystal Cox (Mother), convicted of murder, neglect of a dependent resulting in death, aggravated battery resulting in death, and battery resulting in death of a person younger than 14 years old.
Jermaine Garnes (Mother’s boyfriend), charged with murder, neglect of a dependent resulting in death, aggravated battery resulting in death, and battery resulting in death of a person younger than 14.

Mom charged with murder called ‘unfit and abusive’
Lafayette couple charged with the murder of a toddler
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Mom charged with murder is set to stand trial
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Joseph Barney

Boy with brown skin and short curly brown hair, smiling, seated in an adapted swing and gripping the chains the swing hangs by. He is wearing a red striped tank top.Name: Joseph Barney.
Died: June 1, 2021.
Age at death: 8.
Cause of death: Malnutrition, battered child syndrome.
Location: Bronx, New York City, New York, USA.
Disability: Autism.

Joseph, who lived with his mother and her boyfriend, was brought to the hospital and declared dead there. His body weighed 30 pounds, less than two-thirds of what a child his age should have weighed, and showed signs of battered child syndrome.

Joseph liked watching videos of subway trains. Monkeys were his favorite animal, and his favorite foods were pizza, ice cream, candy, fruit snacks, and Capri Suns.

Case Status:
Michael Ransom (Mother’s boyfriend), charged with murder, and aggravated manslaughter of a person under 11.
Sharay Barney (Mother), charged with murder, and aggravated manslaughter of a person under 11.

Autism Memorial: Joseph Barney
Parents Indicted on Murder, Manslaughter Charges in Alleged Starvation Death of NYC Boy
Woman and Boyfriend Charged for Death of 8-year-old Autistic Son
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Autistic NYC boy, 8, dies — possibly from severe malnutrition

Teru Inaba

No Photo
Name: Teru Inaba.
Died: February 2, 2021.
Age at death: 83.
Cause of death: Head injury.
Location: Tokyo, Japan.
Disability: Cognitive impairment; bedridden.

Ms. Inaba’s adult child allegedly punched her several times in the face, and she died from her injuries. Police said they reported being “tired of caring for her”.

Case status:
Megumi Inaba (Offspring), charged with murder.

Tokyo: Man, 52, accused in fatal assault of disabled mother
Woman arrested over death of 83-year-old disabled mother
Megumi Inaba’s gender is not consistent in news reports. –Ed.

Hezekiah Pettiford

No Photo
Name: Hezekiah Pettiford.
Died: January 28, 2021.
Age at death: 15.
Cause of death: Head injury.
Location: Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
Disability: Autism, ADHD.

Hezekiah was found unresponsive at his home and was taken to the hospital, where he died two days later from a severe head injury. He weighed only 75 pounds, indicative of malnutrition, and his injuries were consistent with chronic child abuse.

Case Status:
Stefanie Colon (Aunt), charged with murder and manslaughter.
Dion Ball Sr. (Uncle), charged with murder and manslaughter.

Aunt, uncle charged with abuse, manslaughter in teen’s death
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Focus on preventing child abuse after family members charged in 15-year-old’s death

5-year-old girl

Photo of a toddler girl with dark hair and light skin, face blurred to obscure her identity.Name Unknown.
Died: December 30, 2020.
Age at death: 5.
Cause of death: Untreated ruptured intestine due to blunt-force trauma.
Location: Kampung Sungai Cincin, Gombek, Malaysia.
Disability: Hydrocephalus, mobility impaired.

This five-year-old girl’s grandaunt is charged with killing her by kicking her in the stomach repeatedly and causing an intestinal rupture, which, untreated, proved fatal. Her father is charged with neglecting her by not taking her to a doctor when she was clearly severely injured.

Case status:
Ipzuma Ambo (grandaunt), charged with murder.
Roza Iskandar Mardi (Father), charged with child neglect.

Grandaunt, father of disabled girl charged with murder, neglect
Grandaunt and father of 5-year-old girl charged with murder, neglect [NSTTV]
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