Gabrielle Michaelis

Sepia-tone photo of a woman with an old-fashioned hairstyle, cut shoulder-length and curled up at the ends, wearing professional attire.Name: Gabrielle Michaelis-Cifoni.
Died: October 31, 2018.
Age at death: 58.
Cause of death: Stomach cancer.
Location: Sarasota, Florida, USA.
Disability: Stomach cancer.

When she became disabled, Gabrielle’s daughter allegedly kept Gabrielle sedated with high doses of sedatives and painkillers, which were found in dangerous levels in a blood sample drawn from her body after death.

Gabrielle was an altruistic woman, mother of two children and grandmother to seven. She was a well-loved professor of mathematics, repeatedly named Professor of the Year. She was a devout Catholic with a good sense of humor.

Case status:
Josephine Scheid (Daughter), charged with murder; pleaded guilty to stealing a valuable family Bible and sentenced to a year’s probation. Murder charges dropped; sufficient evidence could not be gathered because the body was immediately cremated without autopsy.

Woman gets probation after charges she killed her Cape mom are dropped
Murder charges dropped against Florida woman accused of killing her mother in 2018 in Dennis Township
Investigation Reveals Daughter Murdered Her Own Disabled Mother For $9000 Using Painkillers And Sedatives For Financial Gain
A year later, investigators charge daughter with using drug cocktail to kill her mother
A Sarasota Woman Arrested For Killing Her Disabled Mother By Using Combination Of Painkillers And Sedatives
Florida woman accused of using sedatives to kill disabled mother
Gabrielle Michaelis-Cifoni Obituary

Jesse Wilson

Photo of a boy with deep brown eyes, light-brown skin, and short brown hair, wearing a white polo shirt.Name: Jesse Wilson.
Died: March 8, 2018 (Body found; missing July 18, 2016).
Age at death: 10.
Cause of death: Undetermined.
Location: Buckeye, Arizona, USA.
Disability: Learning disability, developmental disability.

Jesse disappeared from his mother’s house. Two years later, his remains were found in a drainage ditch.

Case Status:
Death declared homicide, cause undetermined.
Crystal Wilson (Adoptive mother), charged with abandonment or concealment of a body.

Crystal Wilson back in Maricopa County to face charges related to death of her son Jesse
Mother Charged in Connection to 2016 Disappearance of Deceased Boy
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Savannah Leckie

Photo of Savannah Leckie, a teenage girl with fair skin and light-brown hair, wearing a knit cap and sweatshirt. She is holding two black-and-white goat kids.Name: Savannah Leckie.
Died: August 4, 2017.
Age at death: 16.
Cause of death: Unknown homicide.
Location: Ozark County, Missouri, USA.
Disability: Autism, depression, ADHD.

Exactly how Savannah died is unknown because her body was burned and only bone fragments were found. Her birth mother was convicted of abuse of a corpse.

She was a junior firefighter who liked to do volunteer work and care for farm animals.

Case status:
Rebecca Ruud (Birth mother), convicted of abuse of a corpse for burning Savannah’s body; acquitted of murder because suicide could not be ruled out as a cause of death; sentenced to 4 years, released on time served.
Robert Peat Jr. (Birth mother’s boyfriend), charged with first-degree murder and child abuse; charges dropped after he testified against Ruud.

Missouri Woman Sentenced to Time Served for Abandoning 16-Year-Old Daughter’s Corpse
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Missouri woman acquitted of murder in 2017 death of autistic teen daughter she gave up for adoption as a baby
Missouri woman acquitted of murder in teen daughter’s death after judge deliberates for nearly a month
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Trial set to begin for Ozark County mom accused of killing 16-year-old autistic daughter
Missouri Supreme Court says recording with attorney can be used against Ozark County murder suspect Rebecca Ruud
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Amid allegations of torture, Ozarks boyfriend and mother charged with murder of teen girl
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Irene McLean

Photo of Irene McLean, an elderly woman with curly white hair and fair skin, wearing an embroidered sweater.Name: Irene McLean.
Died: January 10, 2017.
Age at death: 96.
Cause of death: Malnutrition, failure to thrive.
Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA.
Disability: Alzheimer’s disease.

Irene died from malnutrition and multiple rib fractures, after being removed from her home by adult protective services in terrible shape.

Irene visited over 100 countries during her lifetime. She liked swimming, yoga, and dance, and could still do the splits in her late 80s.

Case status:
Cause of death ruled undetermined. Autopsy findings included skin ulcers from abuse or neglect and multiple rib fractures.
Police are questioning family, especially a caregiver who would have been an heir to her estate.

Malnutrition, Alzheimer’s and broken ribs cause of death for elderly woman taken from Virginia Beach home
A 96-year-old Virginia Beach woman was found with bruises and skin tears. Her friends want to know why.
Death of elderly Virginia Beach woman found with bruises, skin tears spurs police probe
96-year-old woman dies after being removed from horrific condition
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Stella Hamilton

No PhotoName: Stella Hamilton.
Died: July 31, 2016.
Age at death: 72.
Cause of death: Undetermined.
Location: Malanda, Queensland, Australia.
Disability: Dementia, terminally ill.

Stella’s family talked to staff at her nursing home, asking whether she could be euthanized, and were told that this was illegal. They also requested that 24 hours’ worth of morphine be left in her room, and were refused. One of her children said another had told them that if they covered her face, she would “go quicker”. Shortly after the family’s request for euthanasia, Stella was found dead with a blanket over her face. She could not have pulled the blanket up herself, but other residents theoretically had access to her room. Her family was seen celebrating that she had died, though this could have been relief that she was no longer in pain.

Case status:
Inquest determined that, despite the troubling factors in Stella’s death, her cause of death could not be determined because she was already terminally ill.

Inquest into the death of Stella Hamilton
Mystery surrounds aged care resident found dead with blanket over head
Daughter asked doctor to euthanase terminally ill mother, inquest hears

Brooke MacBeth

Photo of a young woman with fair skin and brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, wearing a scarf over a beige sweater. Name: Brooke MacBeth.
Died: Unknown. Body found May 3, 2015, six months to a year after death.
Age at death: 28.
Cause of death: Unknown.
Location: Lakeside, California, USA.
Disability: Cerebral palsy.

What happened to Brooke is unknown. All we know is that she was found dead, weighing only forty pounds, stuffed into a suitcase in her mother’s apartment, with amphetamine, marijuana, and oxycodone in her system. An autopsy did not find evidence of trauma, but most such evidence would no longer have been detectable because Brooke had been in the suitcase for several months.

Brooke’s teachers remember her strong voice, engaging smile, and long ponytail.

Case status:
Bonnie MacBeth (mother), no charges.

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Kenyon Slacks

Photo of a young boy in a wheelchair, wearing a "Cars" sweatshirt. He has dark skin and close-cut black hair.Name: Kenyon Jakobian Slacks.
Died: June 24, 2014.
Age at death: 3.
Cause of death: Morphine overdose.
Location: Augusta, Georgia, USA.
Disability: Multiple medical problems, including Ohtahara syndrome (rare epilepsy type).

Kenyon may have died from a morphine overdose administered by his foster mother. However, because his health had been so delicate beforehand, murder could not be proven and his foster mother walked free.

Case status:
Elizabeth Osei (Foster mother), charged with murder, acquitted.

Parent At Nation’s Leading For-Profit Foster Care Firm Facing Murder Charges
Care-giver indicted on murder charges in child’s overdose death
Murder trial begins in death of disabled foster child
Elizabeth Osei acquitted of murder in foster child case
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Lucas Braman

Photo of Lucas Braman.Name: Lucas Braman.
Died: February 13, 2014.
Age at death: 23 months.
Cause of death: Unknown; possibly restraint-related.
Location: West Yarmouth, Massachusetts, USA.
Disability: “Autistic-like behaviors”; born addicted to narcotics.

Lucas was found dead wearing a helmet and wrapped in a weighted blanket much too heavy for him; the autopsy was inconclusive. His caretaker had been abusive in the past.

Case status:
Sheryl Erb (Caregiver), no charges.
Elizabeth Cavallini (Caregiver); charged with child rape, assault and battery on a child, indecent assault and battery on a child under 14, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and intimidation of a witness, juror, police, or court official.

Barnstable grand jury indicts woman, 29, on child rape and assault charges
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Isabella Wiens

Photo of a baby with pale skin and wispy red hair, smiling and showing her baby teeth.Name: Isabella Wiens.
Died: March 16, 2013.
Age at death: 21 months.
Cause of death: Undetermined, in the setting of abuse.
Location: Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.
Disability: Developmentally delayed. Removed from her mother absent any evidence of abuse, because her mother is learning disabled.

Isabella died while in foster care. The autopsy showed evidence of abuse, including a swollen brain and healing fractures, but her cause of death is listed as undetermined.

Case status:
Foster home closed.
Isabella’s mother is suing the province.

B.C. ministry will review toddler Isabella Wiens’ death in care
B.C. mother sues province after infant daughter dies in foster care
Coroner’s Report

Wendy Garland

No PhotoName: Wendy Garland.
Died: July 8, 2010.
Age at death: 33.
Cause of death: Pending autopsy.
Location: Jersey City, New Jersey, USA.
Disability: Down syndrome, cerebral palsy.

Wendy died when her family left her in a filthy room that, in midsummer, had heated up to 100 degrees. When they found her dead, they moved her out of her room, but when police saw where Wendy had been staying, they arrested her family. It was discovered that she had not seen a doctor in three years.

Case status:
Florence Garland (Mother), charged with neglect of an elderly or disabled person; died in 2017.
Helene Hutchinson (sister), charged with neglect of an elderly or disabled person.

Inspectors visit building where disabled Jersey City woman died
Family of disabled woman found dead in Jersey City appear in court
Disabled Woman Left in 100 Degree Room Dies; Mother, Sister Charged
Bed-ridden, disabled Jersey City woman found dead in 100-degree room, cops say; sister and mom charged
Death of disabled Jersey City woman who died in squalor requires more investigation: officials