Duke Flores

Photo of a small boy with tan skin and curly brown hair, grinning at the camera with his eyes nearly shut.Name: Duke Josehyah Flores.
Died: April 25, 2019 (Reported missing; died around April 14th, 2019).
Age at death: 6.
Cause of death: Homicide; body not found.
Location: Apple Valley, California, USA.
Disability: Autism.

When Duke’s mother reported him missing, the six-year-old had already been missing for two weeks. Soon thereafter, she was arrested for child cruelty; a few days later, she and Duke’s aunt were charged with murder. Police report that in her confession, Duke’s mother said that they strangled him with an electrical cord and buried his body in their backyard; but after the family dogs kept trying to dig up his body, the two women dug him up and put him in a dumpster. His body has still not been found.

Case status:
Jackee Raquel Contreras (Mother), charged with murder.
Jennifer Rachel Contreras (Aunt), charged with murder.

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Iblah Pilo

No PhotoName: Iblah (Ibrahim) Pilo.
Died: January 16, 2015.
Age at death: 2.
Cause of death: Missing, presumed dead.
Location: Chimtanda village, Malawi.
Disability: Albinism.

Iblah’s mother was worried that he would be kidnapped and sold for his body parts, but her husband told her to stay with him, saying that he would protect the little boy.

Days later, Iblah’s mother woke in the night to hear him screaming; he was being kidnapped. She was unable to save him.

Iblah’s body was never found, but it is likely that he was indeed sold for his body parts, which are used in ritual magic. Police arrested his father and two other men.

Case status:
Iblah’s father and two others were charged with kidnapping and burglary, but released due to insufficient evidence.

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Suellen Pike

Photo of an elderly woman with white hair and pale skin, wearing a bright pink blouse.Name: Suellen Pike.
Died: August 12, 2010 (Last seen).
Age at death: 62.
Cause of death: Missing, presumed dead.
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
Disability: Hyperthyroidism, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, insomnia, migraines and arthritis.

Soon after she signed her house into his name, Suellen’s son killed her and dumped the body, which has not been found.

Case Status:
Stephen Jonathon Pike (Son), convicted of manslaughter, sentenced to 10-and-a-half years, 80% of which must be served before parole.

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Stephen Pike jailed for 10-and-a-half years for killing mother, whose body has never been found, after she changed her will

Baden Bond

Photo: A baby with dark hair and olive-toned skin, wearing a whtie-and-blue onesie, belted into a blue car seat with a five-point belt. His hands are propped behind his head, and his eyes closed; he looks relaxed.Name: Baden Bond.
Died: May 1-16, 2007 (Approximate; body not found).
Age at death: 2.
Cause of death: Abandonment.
Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
Disability: Cerebral palsy.

Baden’s father took him to a boat ramp and abandoned him there. His body was never found; it is likely he died of drowning or exposure. Authorities determined that his motive had been that he was “tired of looking after” the boy. Baden’s mother helped cover up the crime.

Case Status:
Shane Arthur Simpson (Father), pleaded guilty to manslaughter, sentenced to 9.6 to 12 years in prison.
Diane Colleen Simpson (Mother), pleaded guilty to accessory to manslaughter, sentenced to 3 years and released after almost 2 years.

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Christian Ferguson

Photo of a small boy with a buzz cut, wearing a basketball sweatshirt.Name: Christian Ferguson.
Died: June 11, 2003.
Age at death: 9.
Cause of death: Missing, presumed dead.
Location: St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
Disability: Citrullinemia, brain damage.

In 2003, Christian’s father reported that his car had been stolen with Christian inside. Christian, who was unable to survive without his medication, was declared dead, though his body was never found. Sixteen years later, new information came to light and his father was arrested for murder. How Christian died is unknown, but in the two years leading up to his death, he was allegedly neglected by his father, who did not provide him with proper medication or food. It is known that Christian would not have survived 72 hours without his medication.

Case status:
Dawan Ferguson (Father), convicted of first-degree murder, sentenced to life without parole.

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Shane Graham

No PhotoName: Shane “Moo” Graham.
Died: July 2000.
Age at death: About 10.
Cause of death: Missing, presumed dead.
Location: Florida, USA.
Disability: Down syndrome, autism, sickle-cell anemia.

Shane was one of eleven children adopted by the same family. When Shane’s siblings were discovered, badly neglected and abused, they told police that Shane had died and their adoptive mother had taken him away. Shane’s body has not been found, but he is presumed dead.

Shane was called “Moo” because it was a sound he often made.

Case status:
Judith Leekin (Adoptive mother) was charged for child abuse for Shane’s siblings, but since Shane’s body was never found, she has not been charged for his death. Her fraud and abuse charges netted her twenty years in prison.

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