Peggy Johnson

Composite image of Peggy Lynn Johnson, a young woman with very curly blond hair, a small nose, pointed chin, and hazel eyes.Name: Peggy Lynn Johnson.
Died: July 21, 1999.
Age at death: 23.
Cause of death: Pneumonia.
Location: Racine County, Wisconsin, USA.
Disability: Intellectual disability.

After the death of her mother, 18-year-old Peggy went to a nearby hospital and asked for help. There, a nurse took her in. But her new caregiver allegedly abused, yelling at her, starving her, and beating her; once she reportedly attacked Peggy with a pitchfork. Peggy was allegedly made to live in a crawl space, and banished there whenever she wasn’t doing chores. After years of abuse, Peggy died from sepsis pneumonia due to her many injuries.

Peggy’s body was found dumped on the side of the road, but she could not be identified for many years. She was known as the “Racine County Jane Doe”, and nearby residents bought her a gravestone. It wasn’t until 2019 that a tipster reported overhearing the nurse talking about having killed someone and called the police, who arrested the nurse and identified Peggy as the victim who had long gone unidentified. When she was finally identified and journalists went to photograph her gravestone, they found that a member of the community had been there and left some flowers, a balloon, and a little wooden sign with Peggy’s real name. It had been a full 20 years since her murder.

Case status:
Linda La Roche (Caregiver), charged with first-degree murder and hiding a corpse.

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Katonya Jackson

Photo of Katonya Jackson, a baby with dark-brown skin and curly black hair. She is crawling on hands and knees and smiling broadly at the camera. She is wearing a white shirt and diaper.Name: Katonya Jackson.
Died: 1983.
Age at death: 3.
Cause of death: Untreated epilepsy.
Location: Micanopy, Florida, USA.
Disability: Epilepsy.

Katonya’s mother was in a cult called the House of Prayer, and gave her and her brother to the pastor of the church to care for.

Katonya had seizures, which the pastor took to mean that she had the devil in her. Katonya’s family says she starved and beat Katonya and refused to give her her epilepsy medication.

Katonya died, covered in bruises, from untreated epilepsy. Her death was ruled “preventable”.

Case status:
Lea Vera Jackson (Mother), arrested and released without charges.
Anna Young (House of Prayer pastor), convicted of child abuse in the case of Nikki Nickelson; served six months; convicted of manslaughter, in the case of Katonya Jackson, sentenced to 15 years; convicted of first-degree murder of Eamon “Moses” Harper, sentenced to 30 years concurrent with the manslaughter sentence.

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