Rollis Bowman

Photo of Rollis Bowman, a balding older man with light skin and gray hair.Name: Rollis Nobel Bowman.
Died: May 4, 2017.
Age at death: 76.
Cause of death: Pneumonia, malnutrition, dehydration.
Location: Newnan, Georgia, USA.
Disability: Frail elder.

Rollis lived with a young couple who served as his caregivers. However, he did not get the assistance or medical care he needed. He died from a combination of starvation, dehydration, and pneumonia.

Rollis had a college degree in theology.

Case status:
Jonathan Lee Barber (Housemate, caregiver), charged with murder, elder neglect, and elder exploitation.
Tiffany Dawn Fountain (Housemate, caregiver), charged with murder, elder neglect, and elder exploitation.


‘Caretaker’ couple facing murder charges in death of elderly man
Rollis Nobel Bowman

Amber Perry

Photo of Amber Perry, a toddler girl with fair skin and light blonde hair, smiling into the camera.Name: Amber Perry.
Died: March 7, 2017.
Age at death: 6.
Cause of death: Diabetic ketoacidosis.
Location: Crandon, Wisconsin, USA.
Disability: Juvenile diabetes.

Amber died of diabetic ketoacidosis. Medical examiners determined that treatment for her diabetes had been withheld for a long period of time, and that her death had been a homicide.

Case status:
Amber’s death has been ruled a homicide due to medical neglect, but no one has yet been charged.

6-year-old Crandon girl died of complications from diabetes
Report: Crandon girl, 6, died of complications from diabetes
Forest Co. Child’s Death Ruled Homicide
Forest County six-year-old’s death ruled a homicide
DA: Multiple people could be charged in kindergartner’s death

Cameron Hoopingarner

Photo of Cameron Hoopengarner, a baby with fair skin, wearing a Santa Claus costume.Name: Cameron Hoopingarner.
Died: February 21, 2017.
Age at death: 9.
Cause of death: Malnutrition.
Location: Vigo County, Indiana, USA.
Disability: Cerebral palsy, blindness.

Cameron was starved to death by his legal guardians. They fed him very little, mostly baby food, and refused to take him to a doctor. When he died, he weighed less than 15 pounds. He and his two brothers, who survived, all tested positive for methamphetamine.

Case status:
Robin Kraemer (Guardian), convicted of nine counts of neglect, sentenced to 36 1/2 years in prison.
Sarah Travoli (Housemate), pleaded guilty to neglect of a dependent, sentenced to 4 years in jail, 2 years house arrest, and 2 years probation.
Chad Kraemer (Housemate), pleaded guilty to three counts of child neglect, sentenced to 2 years house arrest and 2 years probation.
Hubert Kraemer (Guardian), pleaded guilty to neglect of a dependent resulting in death, sentenced to 8 years in prison and 4 years probation.

Sarah Travioli receives sentence for her part in child neglect death
Court upholds sentence in child starvation death
Blind boy, 9, with cerebral palsy dies from starvation weighing just 15 pounds
‘Worst autopsy of my career’
Suspects facing additional charges in 9-year-old’s death after testing positive for drugs
Suspects arrested in connection with 9-year-old’s malnutrition death test positive for drugs
4 charged in death of 9-year-old boy with cerebral palsy
Drug charges added in child-death case
Four arrested in starvation death of 9-year-old Indiana boy
Four suspects arrested for death of 9-year-old face additional charges after testing positive for drugs
Following tragic death family friend details relationship between guardians and 9-year-old boy
4 arrested in death of 9-year-old weighing under 15 pounds
4 arrested after 15-pound 9-year-old boy with cerebral palsy dies
Boy In Starvation Case Pictured As Doctor Reveals 9-Year-Old’s Alleged Nightmare Of Neglect
4 charged after 15-pound boy, 9, dies
Child-death suspects could face 40 years in prison if convicted
Little boy starved to death looked like an Auschwitz victim when he was found
Child Death Suspects in Court
Blind boy with cerebral palsy starved to death
4 arrested for starving Vigo County boy to death
4 arrested in connection to death of malnourished child
4 arrested in death of 9-year-old Indiana boy with cerebral palsy
4 arrested after death of 9-year-old Indiana boy weighing only 15 pounds
Little food, no medical care for disabled boy who died of starvation
Four arrested in starvation death of 9-year-old boy weighing 15lbs
Court docs: 9-year-old Vigo Co. boy weighed 14.8 pounds when he died, lived on baby food
Four Arrested After 9-Year-Old Weighing Just 15 Lbs. Dies
Four arrested in starvation death of 9-year-old boy
4 Arrested in Connection To Malnourished Boy’s Death
Four Arrested In Connection With Death Of 9 Year Old Child
Indiana family charged after 9-year-old boy with cerebral palsy starves to death
4 arrested after 9-year-old dies weighing 15 lbs. in Vigo County
New Details Released In Death Of 9-Year-Old
Child Starvation Death Suspects Face More Charges
Autopsy shows Vigo County 9-year-old who starved to death had methamphetamine in his system
Coroner: Vigo Co. 9-Year-Old Who Died of Starvation Had Meth in System
Four face additional charges in neglect case after autopsy shows 9-year-old boy had meth in system
Vigo Co. couple accused of starving 5-year-old daughter to death
4 Charged In Disabled Boy’s Death Face New Charges
Additional Charges Filed In Death Of 9-Year-Old Vigo Co. Boy
4 charged in starvation death of Indiana boy who had meth in his system
Four Accused in Child’s Death Now Facing Additional Charges
Boy, 9, Who Weighed Less Than 15 Pounds When He Died of Starvation Had Meth in System: Autopsy
4 charged after 15-pound boy, 9, died with meth in system
Autopsy finds meth in system of boy, 9, who weighed 15 pounds
Doctor Said Abuse Case Is ‘Most Disturbing’ He’s Ever Seen—The Look on Boy’s Face in Photo Says It All
Funeral donations for Indiana child starved to death will help other kids
Four Charged After Blind Boy Dies Of Starvation
Indiana woman convicted of neglect in death of 15-pound boy
Guardian says she was overwhelmed caring for boy who died
Guardian convicted of neglect in death of boy, 9, who weighed 15lbs
Indiana woman sentenced in death of 15-pound 9-year-old
Defendant in child’s starvation death pleads guilty
Woman faces prison after plea in malnourished boy’s death
Man gets prison time after plea in malnourished boy’s death
Fourth defendant in malnourished boy’s death reaches plea
4th defendant in malnourished boy’s death get prison

Aaliyah Taylor

Photo of a teenage girl with a quizzical expression.Name: Aaliyah Taylor.
Died: October 15, 2016.
Age at death: 14.
Cause of death: Respiratory failure due to drug toxicity.
Location: Spring, Texas, USA.
Disability: Microcephaly, multiple sclerosis, autism and seizures.

Aaliyah was abused by her father and caregivers. He repeatedly used a stun gun on her, and they drugged her with blood pressure medication that she hadn’t been prescribed. The medication caused her to stop breathing and die.

Case status:
Anthony Jackson (Father), charged with first-degree injury to a child.
Keyonna Gunner (Home health worker), convicted of injury to a child, sentenced to 90 days in jail and 7 years probation.
Tommieretta Gunner (Home health worker), convicted of injury to a child, sentenced to 8 years in prison.
Marreissa Jones (Home health worker), charged with first-degree injury to a child.

Three charged in death of special-needs teen
Houston Officials: Special needs teen who died last year was abused
Teaxs Digest: Special-needs teen who died was abused, officials say
Special needs teen who died last year was abused, 3 suspects arrested
Girl, 14, with special needs dies after given blood pressure medication, autopsy shows
Special needs teen who died last year was abused
Three adults use stun gun on special needs teen for months before delivering deadly dose of unprescribed meds: Cops
Fourth suspect arrested in disturbing abuse, death of special needs teenager
MCSO: Fourth suspect arrested in special needs teen’s death
Police charged three in the death of a special needs girl, but believe a 4th took part

Kayce McDermed

Photo of a teenage girl wearing glasses, lying down, her chin in her hand.Name: Kayce McDermed.
Died: May 2, 2016.
Age at death: 16.
Cause of death: Malnutrition, pneumonia.
Location: Yakima, Washington, USA.
Disability: Quadriplegic, blind, autistic.

Kayce’s guardian took her out of high school. Isolated at home, she was allegedly neglected and left alone in bed for long periods of time. Kayce died of malnutrition, pneumonia, and severe bedsores.

Case status:
Darlina Ann Chilson (Guardian), charged with second-degree murder and first-degree manslaughter.

STATE OF WASHINGTON vs DARLINA ANN CHILSON, 19-1-00592-39 (Washington State, Yakima County, Superior Court)
Severely disabled, neglected and dead at 16
Caregiver accused in death of disabled teen
Washington caregiver accused in death of disabled teen
Woman accused of neglecting quadriplegic girl, 16, causing her death
Caregiver accused of starving Yakima teen to death charged with murder

Paul Roddy

Photo of Paul Roddy, a man with fair skin and dark-brown hair. He is wearing a suit and tie.Name: Paul Roddy.
Died: December 31, 2015.
Age at death: 55.
Cause of death: Pneumonia.
Location: Manchester, England, UK.
Disability: Multiple sclerosis.

The caregiver that Paul was living with did not care for him. Instead, the man beat him up and starved him while pocketing the government money he claimed as a caregiver to a disabled person. Paul died from abuse and neglect, his body severely malnourished; he had multiple broken bones.

Paul was a retired engineer and the father of four children.

Case status:
Christopher McAllister (“Friend”; Non-family, non-professional caregiver), convicted of manslaughter, sentenced to 10 years.

Unemployed thug beat seven stone Multiple Sclerosis sufferer to death
MS-sufferer beaten to death in own home by thug carer who left him malnourished
Violent carer who killed vulnerable MS sufferer is jailed
Man with MS died after carer physically abused him for months

David Fuhrman

No PhotoName: David Fuhrman.
Died: November 24, 2015.
Age at death: 54.
Cause of death: Sepsis, pneumonia, malnutrition.
Location: Penn Hills, Pennsylvania, USA.
Disability: Mental illness; intellectual disability.

David was starved and neglected by his unpaid caregivers, who claimed they had “essentially adopted” him. He died of a combination of blood poisoning from untended bedsores, pneumonia, and malnutrition.

David worked at Goodwill.

Case status:
Adam Haynes, pleaded guilty to third-degree murder, neglect, conspiracy, and reckless endangerment, sentenced to 7-14 years.
Pamela McNeal, pleaded guilty to third-degree murder, neglect, conspiracy, and reckless endangerment, sentenced to 7-14 years.

Couple jailed in death of 76-pound disabled man covered with bed sores
Couple held in alleged neglect death of 76 lb. disabled man
Couple held in death of 76-pound disabled man with bed sores
Penn Hills couple charged in man’s death once contracted with county as caregivers
Penn Hills caregivers face trial in death of man with disabilities
Caregivers plead guilty in 2015 death of Penn Hills man
Penn Hills caregivers plead guilty in 2015 death of disabled man

Jacklyn Nguyen

No PhotoName: Jacklyn Nguyen.
Died: June 10, 2015.
Age at death: 2.
Cause of death: Blunt trauma.
Location: Los Banos, California, USA.
Disability: Developmental disability, possibly autism.

Jacklyn’s mother sent her to stay with a chiropractor who promised to cure her autism. Coroner’s findings suggest that the chiropractor beat her severely. She died from her injuries.

Case status:
Vincent Hoai Do, convicted of involuntary manslaughter and child abuse causing death, sentenced to 9 years in prison.

Autism Memorial: Jacklyn Nguyen
Patterson man housing children with autism found guilty in toddler’s death
Murder charge in death of disabled 2-year-old
Patterson man says 2-year-old girl fell. Pathologist said that’s not how she died.
Patterson man sentenced in death of toddler with developmental disability

Richard Davenport Jr.

Richard Davenport's gravestone. It reads, "Davenport, Richard Baxtor Jr. Lcpl USMC Vietnam. 1953-2013. Peace at last."Name: Richard Baxter Davenport Jr.
Died: April 16, 2013.
Age at death: 59.
Cause of death: Blood loss.
Location: North Wilkesboro, North Carolina, USA.
Disability: Leg amputee; used a wheelchair.

Richard’s neighbor, who served as his caregiver, entered his home and cut his throat, leaving him to die.

He was a military veteran who had been in the Marines.

Case status:
Coy Edward Pack (Neighbor), pleaded no contest to voluntary manslaughter, sentenced to three years and six months to five years and four months in prison
April Pack (Neighbor; Caregiver), pleaded guilty to being an accessory to murder, burglary, and armed robbery, sentenced to 5 years, 6 months to 7 years, 8 months in prison.

Coy Pack murder trial set
Husband of woman arrested earlier is also charged with murder
Davenport, Richard Baxter, Jr.
Arrest made for murder
Richard Davenport Jr., Marine veteran, dies on April 16
North Wilkesboro man found dead in his home
Eddie Pack pleads guilty to voluntary manslaughter
April Pack is sentenced for being accessory in man’s death

David Mueller

No PhotoName: David Mueller.
Died: November 16, 2012.
Age at death: 52.
Cause of death: Smothered.
Location: Prescott, Arizona, USA.
Disability: ALS.

David had ALS, which is a degenerative disorder, and was setting his affairs in order in preparation for death. David’s wife began an affair with a man she had asked to help her care for David. Then she and her lover murdered David by smothering him with plastic bags and a pillow to “make [his death] quicker.” The murder may have also been financially motivated, stemming from a disagreement over the recipients of David’s life insurance policy.

Case status:
Cynthia Jane Mueller (Wife), convicted of murder, conspiracy, and fraud, sentenced to life.
Charles Todd (Wife’s boyfriend), pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, sentenced to 16 years.

Man pleads guilty in death of woman’s husband
Murder of David Mueller by wife Cynthia and her lover Charles Todd profiled on ID
Cynthia Mueller trial highlights victim’s financial plan
Prescott woman on trial for killing bed-ridden husband
Prescott Woman Found Guilty In The Death Of Her Husband – KAFF News
Arizona co-defendant in husband murder case sentenced to prison