Britney Abbott

No PhotoName: Britney Abbott.
Died: August 21, 2005.
Age at death: 9.
Cause of death: Murder.
Location: Auckland, New Zealand.
Disability: Usher syndrome.

Britney and her little sister both had Usher syndrome. Their father put them in the car and drove off a mountain, killing Britney. Her little sister survived.

Perpetrator: Garth Duwayne Abbott (Father), convicted of manslaughter, sentenced to 4 1/2 years.

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Talia Williams

Photo of Talia Williams, a young girl in pigtails decorated with plastic barrettes.Name: Talia Williams.
Died: July 16, 2005.
Age at death: 5.
Cause of death: Abuse.
Location: Wheeler Army Airfield, Hawaii, USA.
Disability: Incontinence.

Talia was beaten to death by her father and stepmother.

Perpetrator: Naeem Williams (Father), murder, life without parole; Delilah Williams (Stepmother) murder, sentenced to 20 years.

Source: Talia Williams

Adacelli Snyder

Portrait photo of a toddler girl in overalls, earrings, and a buzz cut.Name: Adacelli Snyder.
Died: June 29, 2005.
Age at death: 2.
Cause of death: Neglect.
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
Disability: Cerebral Palsy.

Adacelli’s parents neglected her and kept her in filthy conditions. She died of a combination of malnutrition and infection.

Perpetrator: Jack Richardson (Father), Charlene Snyder (Mother); both sentenced to 10 years to life.

Source: Adacelli Snyder

Donna Spadea

No PhotoName: Donna Spadea.
Died: June 26, 2005.
Age at death: 59.
Cause of death: Neglect.
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
Disability: Intellectual disability.

Along with several other intellectually disabled adults, Donna was imprisoned, starved, drugged, and beaten by Linda Weston, who acted as her Social Security payee so that she could steal Donna’s money. Donna died after two months of captivity while she was imprisoned in a tiny laundry room, and toxicology testing revealed that she had been poisoned with the drugs Linda had regularly mixed into her food.

Perpetrator: Linda Weston (Caretaker), multiple charges, life sentence; Gregory Thomas, Jean McIntosh, Eddie Wright, and Nicklaus Woodard.

Source: “Basement of horrors” indictment brings light to 2008 Norfolk death

Adrianna Cram

Photo of a little girl in a white dress. She is smiling at someone off the side of the image.Name: Adrianna Maria Cram.
Died: June 13, 2005.
Age at death: 4.
Cause of death: Fatal Abuse.
Location: Omealca, Mexico.
Disability: Thyroid condition; speech delay; developmental delay.

Adrianna’s adoptive parents beat her to death.

Perpetrator: Elizabeth Romero Marin (Adoptive mother), convicted of aggravated murder, sentenced to 45 years; Hector de Jesus Luna (Adoptive father), convicted of aggravated murder, sentenced to 2 years.

Source: Adrianna Maria Cram

Tiffany Pinckney

Photo of Tiffany Pinckney sitting at a table and leaning her chin on her hands. She wears a beige T-shirt and has an afro.Name: Tiffany Pinckney.
Died: April 2, 2005.
Age at death: 23.
Cause of death: Neglect.
Location: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
Disability: Autism, developmental delay.

Tiffany was locked in a basement by her sister and her sister’s husband, where she starved to death.

Perpetrator: Allison Cox (sister), convicted of manslaughter, sentenced to 9 years. Orlando Klass (sister’s husband), pled guilty to criminal negligence, sentenced to 2 years house arrest.

Source: Nine years for woman’s death

Patrick Markcrow

No PhotoName: Patrick Markcrow.
Died: March 29, 2005.
Age at death: 36.
Cause of death: Murder.
Location: Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire, England, UK.
Disability: Down syndrome; autism.

Patrick’s mother drugged him and then suffocated him with a plastic bag.

Perpetrator: Wendolyn Markcrow (Mother); pled guilty to manslaughter; given a 2-year suspended sentence.

Source: Mother who killed son with Down’s syndrome gets suspended sentence

Christoffer Gjerstad

Portrait photo of Christoffer Gjerstad, a small blond boy biting his lip as he looks at the camera.Name: Christoffer Kihle Gjerstad.
Died: February 2, 2005.
Age at death: 8.
Cause of death: Abuse.
Location: Norway.
Disability: ADHD.

Christoffer’s stepfather beat him to death; his mother knew he was being beaten but did not help him.

Perpetrator: Kim Morten Larson (Stepfather), sentenced to 8 years; Christoffer’s mother, name not known, sentenced to two and a half years.

Source: Christoffer Gjerstad

Hannah Davenport

Photo of Hannah Davenport, a girl in a bright pink shirt, wearing a bright pink hairbow in her short brown hair.Name: Hannah Davenport.
Died: January 29, 2005.
Age at death: 6.
Cause of death: Neglect.
Location: Anderson, Missouri, USA.
Disability: Ectopic anus.

Hannah’s mother starved her to death.

Perpetrator: Karen Davenport (Mother), found guilty of second degree involuntary manslaughter, fined $5000.

Source: Hannah Renee Davenport

Grace Parkes

No Photo
Name: Grace Winifred Parkes.
Died: January 16, 2005.
Age at death: 83.
Cause of death: Murder.
Location: Sydney, Australia.
Disability: Diabetes, hypertension, Paget’s disease, Bells palsy, glaucoma, goitre, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

Grace’s son bludgeoned her to death.

Perpetrator: Phillip Raymond Parkes (Son).

Source: Regina v Phillip Raymond Parkes [2006] NSWSC 331