Alexis Agyepong-Glover

Photo of Alexis Agyepong-Glover, a dark-skinned girl in a bright red shirt, her black hair pulled neatly back into a ponytail.Name: Alexis “Lexie” Agyepong-Glover.
Died: January 7, 2009.
Age at death: 13.
Cause of death: Hypothermia, drowning.
Location: Woodbridge, Virginia, USA.
Disability: Reactive attachment disorder; mother claimed she had autism and sickle-cell anemia.

Lexie’s adoptive mother abandoned her in a freezing creek, in January. She died of drowning and exposure.

Case status:
Alfreedia Gregg-Glover (Adoptive mother), pled guilty to murder, child abuse, and filing a false police report; sentenced to 26 years.

Autism Memorial: Alexis “Lexie” Agyepong-Glover