Daniel and Luke Schlemmer

Photo of Luke Schlemmer, a toddler boy with fair skin and blond hair. He is sticking his tongue out and smiling.
Luke Schlemmer

Name: Luke Schlemmer.
Died: April 1, 2014.
Age at death: 3.

Name: Daniel Schlemmer.
Died: April 5, 2014.
Age at death: 6.

Cause of death: Multiple murder.
Location: McCandless, Pennsylvania, USA.
Disability: None; mother believed they were autistic.

Photo of Daniel Schlemmer, a young boy wearing glasses and a navy T-shirt with a name tag on it. He has short blond hair and fair skin.
Daniel Schlemmer

Brothers Daniel and Luke were drowned in the bathtub by their mother, because she was convinced they were autistic and would be “better off in heaven”. Luke died right away; Daniel lingered on life support for a few days.

A year before, she had tried to kill them by tying them up with twine and running over them with her car several times trying to “end their suffering”. They were hospitalized with broken bones, but their mother claimed it had been an accident and no action was taken. A year later, the boys were dead.

Perpetrator: Laurel Michelle Schlemmer (Mother), plead guilty to third-degree murder, sentenced to 30-80 years.

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