Elmer Norris

No PhotoName: Elmer Norris.
Died: November 22, 2019.
Age at death: 91.
Cause of death: Pneumonia, pressure sores.
Location: Pasadena, Maryland, USA.
Disability: Unspecified; needed help with daily life activities.

Elmer lived with his son, who neglected him. When other family members tried to help him, his son refused to let them see Elmer and even changed the locks on the doors. Elmer died of pneumonia and pressure ulcers from being left alone on his bed with no care.

Case status:
Danny Norris (Son), pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, sentenced to 25 years, all but 12 years in prison and 5 years probation suspended.

Pasadena man pleads guilty to 91-year-old father’s murder
Man arrested on charges including second degree murder, adult abuse of family member