Karen Passmore

Portrait photo of Karen Passmore. She is a young woman with straight light-brown hair.Name: Karen Passmore.
Died: August 6, 2015.
Age at death: 58.
Cause of death: Neglect.
Location: Milton, Florida, USA.
Disability: Stroke.

Details: Karen’s daughter didn’t feed or care for her. Weakened by starvation, Karen died from a combination of pneumonia, heart failure, and infected bedsores, weighing 58 pounds.

Perpetrator: Jackie Passmore (Daughter), convicted of aggravated manslaughter of a disabled adult.

Arrest Report–Passmore
22-year-old woman charged in the death of her disabled mother
Woman Charged In Her Mother’s Death
Milton woman charged in death of her disabled mother
Milton woman charged in mother’s death
Karen Passmore Obituary – Milton, Florida
Woman convicted in disabled mother’s death
Milton woman convicted in the death of her disabled mother