Yolanda Reese-Brooks

Photo of Yolanda Brooks, an African-American woman. The photo is very blurry.Name: Yolanda Reese-Brooks.
Died: October 22, 2012.
Age at death: 40.
Cause of death: Neglect.
Location: Warren, Michigan, USA.
Disability: Injuries from car accident; obesity.

In 2011, Yolanda had been in a car accident that crushed her pelvis and ruptured her bladder, and was thereafter unable to leave her bed.

Her husband did not keep her clean or care for her, and by the time he called the hospital for help, she was already dying.

Yolanda was the mother of four children, who were two to thirteen years old when she died.

Perpetrator: Michael Brooks (Husband), pleaded guilty to neglect, sentenced to probation.

Source: Man pleads guilty to neglect in death of obese wife
Michigan man charged with abusing his bedridden 400-pound wife and letting her rot in squalor until she died
Michael Brooks, Husband Of Obese Woman Yolanda Reese-Brooks, Avoids Jail Time In Wife’s Death