Brian Daniels

Photo of Brian Daniels.Name: Brian Daniels.
Died: April 9-10, 2013.
Age at death: 46.
Cause of death: Contract killing.
Location: Columbia, Missouri, USA.
Disability: Scars from third-degree burns over 2/3rds of his skin.

Brian’s boyfriend wanted the $5 million settlement Brian had received after he was burned in an apartment fire, so he hired a hit man to shoot Brian. They forged Brian’s will and power of attorney, and two other men helped provide false alibis. The hit man fatally shot Brian in the head. Despite an attempt to stage a burglary scene, all four were arrested.

Perpetrator: James Thompson (Caretaker/Boyfriend), first-degree murder, life in prison; Casey Lewis (Hit man), first degree murder, life in prison; Christopher Hurt (Accessory), charged with hindering prosecution, trial ongoing; Glen Anderson (Accessory), pleaded guilty to hindering prosecution, five years probation.

Source: Shooter in murder-for-hire case sentenced to life in prison