Adrian and Alexis Colon

Photo of Adrian, Alexis, and Nayeli Colon, three young children.Name: Adrian Colon.
Disability: Autism.

Name: Alexis Colon.
Disability: Cerebral Palsy.

Died: April 11, 2013.
Age at death: 4.
Cause of death: Fire.
Location: West Allis, Wisconsin, USA.

Adrian and Alexis, twin brothers, and their sister Nayeli, were left locked into their room by their mother while she went out. While they were alone, a fire started and killed the three siblings. Their mother had received prior warnings about her neglect of the children.

Case status:
Angelica Belen (Mother), pleaded guilty to neglect, sentenced to 18 years in prison.

Adrian Colon