Carolyn Hager

Portrait photo of Carolyn Hager, an elderly woman with pale blond hair.Name: Carolyn Hager.
Died: May 16, 2016.
Age at death: 78.
Cause of death: Murder.
Location: Port St. Lucie, Florida, USA.
Disability: Arthritis; chronic illness.

Carolyn’s husband shot her in the head.

Carolyn’s neighbors remember her as an artistic woman who maintained a beautiful garden and could often be seen outside tending her plants.

Perpetrator: William J. Hager (Husband), charged with first-degree murder.

Police: Man killed wife because he couldn’t afford medications
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Port St. Lucie man accused of shooting wife because she was in pain & he couldn’t afford medications
Port St. Lucie man charged with murder in wife’s killing
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Man says he killed sick wife because he couldn’t afford her medication