Cynthia Hrisco

Photo of Cynthia Hrisco, a middle-aged woman with shoulder-length brown hair and bangs, holding a flowered parasol and wearing a flowered dress.Name: Cynthia Hrisco.
Died: February 28, 2000.
Age at death: 47.
Cause of death: Drowning.
Location: South Barrington, Illinois, USA.
Disability: Rheumatoid arthritis, wheelchair user.

Cynthia’s husband drowned her in their bathtub because she wanted to sue his cousin for shoddy workmanship and cost overruns during the building of their home.

Cynthia had a degree in nutrition and worked from her home as a nutrition counselor. She had an adopted son.

Case status:
Frank Buschauer (Husband), convicted of murder, sentenced to 25 years.

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