Ernestine Tindall

No PhotoName: Ernestine Tindall.
Died: August 13, 2016.
Age at death: 88.
Cause of death: Murder.
Location: Perlethorpe, England, UK.
Disability: Vascular dementia.

Ernestine’s husband strangled her because he was afraid that they would be moved to separate nursing homes. He claimed she had asked him to kill her, but the judge stated that,”This is not a case of assisted suicide. This is killing as a perceived act of mercy.”

Perpetrator: Jack Tindall (Husband), pleaded guilty to manslaughter, given a 12-month suspended sentence.

World War II vet, 96, strangled his dementia-suffering wife to death and laid her on a bed of lilies
Husband spared jail for mercy killing of wife with dementia
96-year-old man gets suspended prison term for killing dementia-suffering wife