Jhalandia Butler

Photo of Jhalandia Butler, a young woman with long dark-brown hair and tan skin, wearing a red tank top.Name: Jhalandia Elaine Butler.
Died: March 5, 2017.
Age at death: 28.
Cause of death: Murder.
Location: Crofton, Maryland, USA.
Disability: PTSD, bipolar disorder (claimed by killer).

Jhalandia’s boyfriend was abusive and had already been charged with assault once for choking and punching her. He murdered Jhalandia by stabbing her to death.

Jhalandia was a US Army veteran who had served for six years and two tours of duty in Iraq. She had met her boyfriend while they were both being treated for PTSD at a military hospital.

Perpetrator: Ryan Hollebon (Boyfriend), pleaded guilty to first-degree murder, sentenced to life without parole.

Iraq war veteran gets life in prison for Crofton murder of girlfriend
Jhalandia Elaine Butler, 28
Crofton veteran who pleaded to killing girlfriend appeals life sentence